How To Use Mold Flow To Prevent Deformation And How To Offset The Warpage ?

- Mar 23, 2017-

How to use mold flow to prevent deformation and how to offset the warpage for plastic injection moulding project ?

    Mold flow analysis can analyze deformation forecast product risk, our customers do great deal of mold flow analysis, also solves a lot of problems, but also constantly meet customer complaints, mold flow analysis result product is not deformed, why product test, or a distortion, no improvement. In fact, there are many factors affecting the deformation, mold flow analysis focuses on the following aspects, materials, size of gate position, flow, injection pressure and holding pressure, time, temperature, and other aspects of, can be said to be the theoretical values, results are very accurate. But why product test results good ? Because variant by many factors, in addition to the above analysis, mold and molding parameter is very large, such as mold injection gate error and mold surface finish, sticking, ejector imbalance, material properties, injection molding machine, molding parameters and environment will affect the product variants. So be specific analysis of deformation of the real reason, to solve the problem, which is the need for a good experience.

For mold design and mold flow analysis product feasibility assessment is very helpful, can be predicted in advance products, mould design and forming the machine have a good reference value. Can to a large extent avoid mold development risk.

Below are the samples of our Asia Billion Industry Co Limited Mold flow samples for your reference.




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