How To Selection Of Plastic Mold Steel?

- Apr 09, 2017-

How to Selection of plastic mold steel?

  As a plastic mold solution, there are all kinds of different conditions, mold steel should generally meet the following requirements:

(1) mechanical processing performance: plastic mold cavity geometry is very complex, often deep hole, deep groove, slit and other processing parts. The steel must have easy cutting performance.

(2) excellent polishing performance: no matter what kind of plastic mold, the cavity allows the surface roughness is minimal, almost all can be done to mirror gloss. And to achieve specular gloss, the main point is that steel must have no less than 38HRC hardness, preferably 40 ~ 46HRC, and 55HRC to achieve the best. To achieve specular gloss, the first inclusions in the steel to be as little as possible, and can not exist in the bubble, and fiber tissue evenly. In the mass production of the mold, in order to reduce wear, in addition to the surface hardness of the surface, the surface roughness is also an important condition.

(3) have a good surface corrosion processing: there are many molds required to form a plastic surface for a variety of other material patterns. Such as leather pattern, silk pattern, cloth pattern, fine pattern and so on. This requires the texture of steel fine and uniform, otherwise the effect of surface corrosion is poor.

(4) both to wear, but also toughness: plastic mold is a long-term heat exchange load, but also long-term friction. If only the side of the friction resistance is taken into account without considering the side of the heat exchange load, if the high-carbon high-alloy steel for the cold die is used, it is necessary to cause cracking due to insufficient toughness.

(5) quenching performance, deformation is small: plastic molds, especially thermosetting plastic mold cavity part of the most must be heat treatment. This requires that the steel has good hardenability and very small deformation. General thermoplastic molding die, using quenching and tempering, pre-hardening and other treatment can be. And thermosetting plastic molding mold must be hardened.

(6) EDM workability: plastic mold concave cavity often used in electric discharge processing, discharge after the surface of the hardened layer to be shallow, in order to facilitate polishing. Polishing is the most time consuming for plastic mold cavity processing. Long time increases costs. At present, the technology of automatic polishing has not yet reached the practical stage, still based on manual polishing. Hardening layer thickness is polished hours increase.

(7) Corrosion resistance: Some plastics, such as PVC in the forming can produce hydrochloric acid gas, the cavity is corrosive. Therefore, for the use of corrosive gas for the plastic mold, steel must be considered corrosion resistance.

 (8) good weldability: in the cavity processing, and sometimes difficult to repair welding. So die steel must have a good welding performance.



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