How To Reduce Your Project Risk ?

- Dec 05, 2016-


   As a experienced project manger , Do you meet the disappointed fail mechanical components and have to restart the design ? It spend  a lot of time and cost for this project when we met this situation , sometimes we even lose the job in the bad project development and cause a huge loss for our company . Do you have any choice to avoid this case ?

I can exactly told you : Yes,  You need to invite your great  engineering capacity mechanical component supplier to join in your concept discuss and initial design.

Our Asia Billion Industry Co Limited is this type of company for plastic injection tooling and plastic injection moldingcomponents . We are a expert at our subject and willing to help you to solve this troubles.

At  Asia Billion Industry ,  we  struggle with a zero default DFM (Design for Manufacturing) approach from the very beginning when customer start the concept development to final finish good . We will  validate throughout the plastic injection tooling and molding build process using Advanced Material Flow and Shrinkage Analysis. All texturing, polishing and printing required are controlled with customer approval to reduce the lead times and many  times design change. After the design is approved , we will use simulation software to do the analysis for mechanical function testing , the assembly testing, the certifications available, part analysis and partial functions simulation testing . This procedures is continuously under improvement till it is approved OK.

Now it is very very important for modern supply chain system to develop a new device with lowest cost and fastest time to meet the competitive marketing now . Apply Group now is a good example for this case. They are doing well with their suppliers.

Asia Billion Engineering service list as below for our customer’s NPI or NPD project :

1) Industrial Design for plastic part
2) Analysis (FEA, FMEA)
3)Design for manufacturing (DFM)
4) Material option suggestion with customer engineer
5) Prototype Product Development by 3D printing or laser cutting .
6) Mold Design
7) Molding Process and plastic injection molding solution
8) Reliability analysis
9) Document control and publishing ( CPK, PPAP. SPC )

If you need a good China plastic injection molding companies , please contract us freely at :

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