How To Optimize Your Material Planning ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

     We always meet a trouble how to optimize your materials for plastic injection molding components  ?  It is a big subject. We generally say there are three steps : Demanding forecasting, safety stock and supply chain implementation. 

Normal logic are : 

Try to get the exactly forecasting  

  1. If the forecasting is wrong or not exactly, so we need to build the safety stock levels to answer it . 

  2. If the sock or production capacity can’t resolve it , finally it need a well supply chain implementation to get it done.

 The challenge for a company is weak planning , there are always not exactly for the step one and two . so there are much pressure will transfer to the three steps of supply chain. So each time it seems that every body will become a fire fighter and always take this go but drop the others .

  In the global big companies , there are perfect procedure and person , all start from the ICloud date, and finish by the judgement . The planning department will publish a rough date according to the old sales record and the sales department will adjust the date . Because normally the sales they know what is the marketing condition and know what our customer want and think. When we joint these 2 dates together, we can get the exactly demanding forecasting as what we can. But we always see that it is a weakness for the date analysis , but they request to provide the forecasting; the planning is weak for the adjustment, but they request to do the adjustment . The wrong person do the wrong work, so we can imagine what is the result.

  Each company need the mechanical components (plastic injection tooling , plastic injection molding components and metal parts) and always these parts are semi-finished parts and need outsourcing from our supplier each from very far Low cost countries. That mean it need some time to finish one cycle. So it become hard for the company supply chain system and always they are working as a fire fight and is passive. So it is very important for the company director level management what you want for your company and choose a perfect middle size supplier for your production catalog.

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