How To Manage Your Project In New Technology Trending ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

How to manage your project in new technology trending ? 

   Today the technology is in very fast developing. It affect our life every day. As the new what some of those technology will change the world wholly. Here we would like to discuss the 3D printing technology, This new technology is changing our life and our business development methods, Especially for the plastic injection molding manufacturing and sheet metal project . 

   Here we have some comparing for the traditional manufacturing technology (CNC machined part, mold and molding ) with 3D printing technology . 

The advantages of 3D printing technology:
1 it can make some complex part which the CNC machined solution or molded solution can't be realized 
2 it is much faster than the tooling manufacturing and modification time . 

The disadvantages of 3D printing technology:
1 it is too expensive than the traditional injection molded or CNC machined part for the unit cost, especially in the higher volume. 
2 The strength is not as strong enough as the original material especially for the metal as it is layer printing, the module of the layer stick is a big problem for the strength . Of course, the surface finishing is another problem for 3D printing .
3 The 3D printing can print the normal precise part (currently tolerance for 3D printing part minimum is around 0.02mm ) some time is not enough for our high precise demanding . 

   Herein we suggest to anyone who want to development your project for the mechanical parts, The earlier fast normally we need to make some prototype or some reference samples to test the assembly with some reality feasibility analysis , we can use the 3D printing technology to get our initial sample , it should be much faster and higher cost efficient than the prototype solution or CNC machined part . 
    But for the mass production project , if you still choose the 3D printing technology , it seems it is not a good ideal for the project development . if may spend much more cost and sometime it can’t meet your demanding if the production grow to the huge volume . Here we still need to use the traditional manufacturing technology . 

     Here in the modern and competitive business day , every company want to launch their production as fast as possible to meet the competitive marketing . How we join the new technology and traditional manufacturing technology together and let them mutually enriching and avoid the disadvantages. Here we are going our trending with the Cloud technology for sales , logistic and order management. 
      Asia Billion Industry Co Limited as a fast growing China Plastic Tooling Company We clearly see the trending for our new technology and we are trying our best to bring the new technology to our manufacturing process. We are planning to buy a 3D printing machine to help our customer initial plastic component development, and we are planning to use as more as standard parts in our tooling manufacturing to reduce the lead time and convenience.If you are tired your supplier’s bad service and so long project lead time, if you are anxious for your new project development , if you even don’t know how to do for your mechanical component , Please contact us at , we give you our totally solution for you and make you succession. Asia Billion win the competition through our professional for the Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturersknowledge and service

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