How To Make Sure Your Tooling And Molding Project Successful ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

How to Make sure your tooling and molding project successful ?

   Tooling is the first step when we produce our production after the design. A Bad mold can become the root cause for systematic failures. Becausse of  continuous improvement projects requirement to meet our production updating, the mold should be reviewed for potential improvements through modification all the time . So we can consider as below details to see if we are do ok or not for our plastic injection molding tooling project is ok or not.

 Design: The very first step of successful molding is how well the mold has been designed to fit a particular application. Molds that do not perform well because of poor processing capabilities, frequent breakage or fluctuating molding conditions are crippling to a company’s productivity and efficiencies. MoldFlow software is a great tool for mold development now. The ability to analyze mold temperature, pressure fluctuation and how to flow and it will greatly improves the designer’s ability to make adjustments to the potential molding problems before they happen.

 Qualification-Tooling:  The primary goal of qualifying a mold is to develop tooling that consistently produces quality parts at an optimal cycle time. Here is a list of some of the primary areas that are important to mold qualification.

  Runner Balanceneed to verify that the cavitation is balanced and can be easy to control the process. Part weights should be consistent and similar. Sprue, runners and gates should allow for adequate filling based on material properties.

 Mold Temperature:   The mold faces should be checked in multiple areas to verify that temperatures are equal and consistent. Hot or cold spots can cause many troubles. It is important to measure mold temperature variability in a running state to assure that mold temperature is consistent and not affecting process via hot or cold spots in the mold during injection molding working,.

 Venting: Verify that the mold has adequate venting to meet the needs of the molding application.

 Validation-Process: Process validation assures that once a process has been developed, the set-up of that process will be repeatable and consistent. Here is a list of some of the primary process controls that should be reviewed to assure that an established process is true and dependable:

a) Melt Temperature: Melt temperature should be verified to be within the recommended temperature at Material Date Sheet and keep record for next time manufacturing.
b)Barrel Temperature:  Conditions that allow the material injection freely .
c) Injection Speed vs. Fill time: Injection speed should allow to adjustment as determined by the fill time of a process. If increasing velocity set points does not decrease the fill time, injection speed forbid to use the limitation.
d)Pressure: Pressure at cut-off should be verified as consistent, and must not be pressure limited by the maximum pressure limit setting.

Water: It is important to repeat your water set up consistently. Once process has been established, clearly identify supply and return lines to prevent circulation from changing one set to the next. Identify hoses in and out using marked circuits
Hot Runner: Whenever possible, use the same hot runner box every time you run a mold.
Clamp Force: Record and verify that tonnage used stays consistent. Try you best to use the same molding machine to with same parameter to keep your production repeatability.

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