How To Improve Your Supply Chain With Your Supplier ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

    As we all know Apple Inc is the most innovative, powerful and successful company min the world; But we may don’t pay enough attention for that why Apple win the champion all the 8 years for global supply chain management . It is a success encouragement story of Mr Steve Jobs, but it is really a perfect supply chain system from Supply chain direction reviewing too. It show the importance of the company supply chain system . The plastic injection tooling industry is very common for all subjects. We can say the plastic is partial of our life .

When Tim Cooke join , the supply chain of Apple company is very confusing at that time, the efficient is especially very low. As you know in that time their main product is computer production. The component suppliers are at Asia area, the Assembly line at Europe, There are a lot of stock in the dock, but they still complaint due to lack of some components. They push their suppliers for many times with always urgent deviation. Air ship the components to Europe and then push the production to all over the worlds , They need to pay much more cost for the always urgently project running with many many troubles . That is why Apple company can’t earn money and come to the low level comparing with the others famous computer companies.

Apple have excellent market and production ability all the time, But if we change to supply chain system reviewing , it is not in the same level. And lack of integrated plan and prepare with engineering and marketing , it is a typical example for that they just do the work but never see is it correct and see where is the ways, They always focus on the orders and become anxious .

So they decide to have a big change to their supply chain system . Closed the North America and Europe production plant and start the low cost countries contract manufacturing sourcing, setup the JIT ( Just in Time ) production delivery system with quickly response. They can pay more attention for marketing , design and customer service . So they success again from the market .

Apple Inc as a success sample, it prove again, one company no matter who you are , when you have topping engineer and top production quality , you can alive in the competition market . If you can’t continually improve the production quality and cut the cost down with stable supply chain ability system, You will be always the looser . If you  want to become from mediocrity to excellent, the excellent supply chain system is a must .

As a fast growing Plastic injection molding manufacturer in China , we aim to become a similar example with Apple at our plastic molding and plastic injection tooling industry, We are the pioneer company which setup the JIT production delivery system and TQM(total quality management) system to meet the modern innovative competition marketing in China with cost efficient price .  That is why we win the order from others big company competitor although we are still a small company .

If you met the similar supply chain troubles, You can contact our Asia billion Industry Co Limited at : . We will never let you disappointed.

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