How To Find A Preferred Tooling Supplier?

- Dec 05, 2016-

How to find a preferred tooling supplier?


The plastic injection molding is becoming more and more popular in the modern industrial manufacturing environment.. If you want to produce a repeated mass low cost product , The molding solution will be a fastest and cheapest solution for you .


It is an example in the automotive industry. A small passenger car, it need around 6000 sets tooling totally (include the plastic injection toolingstamping tooling, foamed tooling and die casting tooling)Normally if your company are worldwide leader in your industry top position, you should have a strict and stable supply chain system and would like to choose the tier 1 or tier 2 automotive supplier directly.  But if you are the tier 2 automotive company, how you can choose your own supplier , Especially for your tooling supplier ? Still choose the industrial leader for tooling or just choose a lowest price supplier? It seems that it is not good option for you . If you choose the company who service for the leading position company, normally there are much more cost and lower efficient for reaction time and service. If you choose the cheapest supplier, it may have very bad quality and some other risks.  Too many companies fall into these 2 wrong sourcing strategy and always complain for they are so bad and have no choice .


Supply chain is similar with the food chain, a lion or tiger can eat the any other animals if they want, but if you are just a wolf( middle position in the food chain) , you can’t eat the tiger or other big animals. So it is better for you that choose the smaller animals which can match your requirements. It is the Same for the supply chain management , as a tier 2 or middle size company , you need to choose your sourcing target, you may need a good resource list for your catalog.  Do you agree  ?

“ABI as a middle size qualification manufacturer for plastic injection molding industry, we struggle to be your strategic long time sourcing partner. We have serviced for these companies for many years and build our reputation “. Saying from the president Huang of Asia Billion Industry co Limited.

If you are a sourcing officer who are always agonizing for your plastic injection molding catalog product, please let me know, we will help you to find the better solution .  If you are a tooling engineer which always outsource the tooling from low cost area but always fall in troubles, Please let me know and we will give you more confidence for your new project .

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