How To Define Your Tooling Specification ?

- Dec 05, 2016-

How to define your tooling specification ?


  When we have new project and new device, we need to separate them to different catalog such as Electronics, Mechanics . soft ware and testing for your suppliers .


  Today here we  focus on the Mechanics , As we know for the mass production device for mechanics is one of the most important elements ,  normally we need create the tooling , but how we define the tooling sometimes may give our project engineer many troubles, especially for the engineer which don’t know much for the tooling . As a professional Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing Companies in China , we will give you our solutions for you .


Example for the Plastic Injection Tooling Manufacturing , it is most popular solution for device development as the plastic convenience and lower cost.


The plastic injection tooling normally include the Mold base , A & B plate , Core & Cavity steel, Injection system , Gating, Cooling system and Ejector system . 


When we start the new project , we need to know how many parts we may sell for this project . So we have a total volume forecasting of the BOM List. So that we can have clear demanding to see should we build a prototype tooling or small volume tooling or high volume tooling,.


Core and cavity steel : The prototype tooling normally is weak and made by the cheap material such as Aluminium or 1045 steel , The small volume tooling normally made by the P20 steel , and mass production tooling normally made by the hardening steel such as 2344 , 8407 or S136.


Mold base : the low volume tooling can choose Aluminium or 1045 steel, The mass production tooling need P20 steel or 420 stainless steel


Injection system: It include cold runner and hot runner, the hot runner normally use at the high appearance features part or engineering material which can help to fill the material easily or the expensive material to reduce the runner wastage for lower cost .


Gating: As we understand, the gating is where the material will fill in . So we need to define where we can put the gating as we know there is gating marks at the part , we need to keep the gating in no visible area to get a good visual result. We also need to make sure the gating will can’t affect the assembly.


Ejector system: It is the system which will eject the part out from the mold . So we need to define where we can put the ejector pin or ejector sleeve . As we know there are some marks and we need to keep the marks in no visible area to get a good visual result.


You also can check and confirm are there too much sliders or parting –lines , if there are some which may not necessary , we suggest you remove them and it will be a great help to reduced you tooling risk and cost . Of course , it is not enough for fabricate a tooling, but it will give you some general guidance for your new project development .


If you are a project engineer or sourcing manager who want to find a partner for Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers of your project, You are welcomed to contact us at  or check our website for more details.


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