How To Deal With Injection Mould Exhaust Problem

- Nov 10, 2016-

   In the process of mould plastic injection mould, easy to produce can't exhaust, how to solve, please see the following analysis.

   Natural exhaust mould refers to exhaust by mold fitting clearance between the parts. Available for most of the small and medium-sized mold, the mold parting surface, push rod and push rod hole clearance fit clearance and activity core hole fitting clearance of natural exhaust,

   For example, in some special large injection mold for normal exhaust is extremely difficult (because of not easy to open the exhaust slot die corner), in does not affect the appearance of the plastic products and dimensional accuracy requirements, die forming parts as far as possible use of insert or composite structure using injection forming different insert splicing gap between different parts of the normal exhaust. Meanwhile, the structure of each other with insert more reduce degree of difficulty of processing monolithic do die structure, time and maintenance is very convenient.

   Vent plug made of special sintering metal to, the main use of sintering material in many subtle gap for exhaust. Sometimes if the end of the cavity filling area but not in the parting surface, if no for the exhaust near its play to cooperate, can be embedded in the depths of the cavity vent plug, because of the vent plug easily left contact mark on surface of plastic products, so we should pay attention to set the vent plug is hidden within products is not easy to find place, at the same time, the open vent diameter also shoulds not be too big, lest the vent plug stress deformation.

   For those prone to gas forming process of the common plastic melt, or injection forming in some part of the thin wall products and fast injection technique, often need to open a certain number of exhaust slot on both sides of core exhaust. In order to facilitate the mold manufacturing and cleaning on the surface of the exhaust slot should be opened in the side of the mold parting surface as much as possible. Exhaust slot in general we are processed into curve shape, from the mold cavity surface cavity in vitro edge direction to measure, so can make the plastic parts from everywhere all sorts of gas energy exhaust slot overflow, overflow of velocity also got certain decreased; But exhaust slot exit Settings should not be towards machine operation side to open, just in case should be high pressure injection plastic melt jet burns caused by accidents.

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