How Much Is A Plastic Injection Mold ?

- May 13, 2019-

How much is a plastic injection mold ?

The factors that determine the price of plastic mold opening are as follows:

1. It is expected that the production volume of plastic molds will determine what kind of material to use and what price to use.

2, the size of the product, the shape is simple and complex, this decision, plastic mold has what the corresponding structure, directly related to the cost of plastic mold.

3, the product requirements for size, appearance, precision, appearance requirements, processing costs are not the same.

4, the requirements for the number of plastic mold holes, is to switch a mold, a few products, is one or more at a time, this is generally not too big product has this one.

In general, the cost of plastic injection molds is 3 to 10 times the cost of materials. Specifically, it depends on the complexity of the plastic mold. The structure is simple, the requirements are not high, the material is generally plastic mold, the product is within 10CM, the two-hole mold, the cost is about 3,500 dollars. It's hard to say concretely, look at the product completely.

If there is a specific product map, you can calculate the relatively close cost, but the price of each plastic mold manufacturer will be very different, because each plastic mold manufacturer has different requirements for profit points.

Some people ask why it is so expensive to open a plastic mold?

This is mainly due to the complicated structure, the large number of processing steps, the high labor cost of the input, and the price of the material for making the injection mold is not cheap, so the cost of the plastic injection mold is also inferior. However, injection molds are usually used in the production of medium and high volume batch products. Through injection molding, we can obtain very cheap plastic products, which will share the initial investment cost of our molds. In the production of medium and high volume products, the injection molding process is always It is the cheapest and most reliable solution.

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