How Is The Injection Molding Machine Working ?

- Jan 05, 2017-

How is the injection molding machine working ?

  A lot of my customer purchasing friends always me: "Jason , I would like to know more knowledges for the plastic injection molding technics.How it works?  It is better for me to understand more for my task ".

Here today I would like to post one article to show how the injection molding machine working .

The process as below :

1) We fill the plastic resin into the injection molding machine , the plastic resin will be heated at the injection molding machine nozzle with temperature sensor and controller. different material normally have different melting temperature . such as for PP resin, the melting temperature always between 150 degree to 200 degree .

2) The injection molding machine will close the injnection mold with clamping force and waiting for the material filling, The clamping force also can be controled by the sensor .

3) The screw rotate with high speed to press the material to the mold and get the have a lot sensor for injection shot, such as injection speed , injection pressure,injection position, injection temperature and mold temperature

4) After the material fill into the mold , we need to stop the material filling and start the holding pressure . This hold pressure will help the part with no short shot and shrinkage marks with stable dimensions.

5) After the hold pressure, the injection molding machine will start to cooling the part which is inside the mold , as we know the melting temperature when we fill the material into the mold , it is very high and we need to cool it in the acceptable level to get the part .

6) After the cooling, the injection molding machine will open the mold and de-moulded the parts by ejector system. Now we can get the expecation part what we want .

7) After the step 6 , the injnection molding machine will come to step 1 for another short production.

Here is a full movie picture for your :

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