Free Cost Your New Plastic Injection Tooling And Plastic Molding Project

- Apr 12, 2017-


Production price off for your new plastic injection tooling and plastic molding project   ----    Asia Billion Industry Co Limited Management team.


Dear Valued Customer

   We are very honored to work with you for your project for many years, hereon Asia Billion Industry team ( ABIL) thanks all of our customers support all the time . In order to expanding our marketing resourcing and thanks for our existing customer , we decide to give our customer some cost down or price off business terms as below :


The existing customer who already gave PO to ABIL in the pasted time (Here we say it as EC as short name), if you can introduce one or more customers to them and the introduced customer if place with the order to Asia Billion, the existing customer will have price off for your own project (at least USD1000).


1)                The existing customer if can introduce one new customer, EC will have the right ask ABIL to give their own project price off one time for this new introduced customer.

2)                If the EC can introduce 2 or more new customers, the EC side will have the right to ask ABIL give their own project 2 or more times price off. There is no quantity limitation for new customer introduction.

3)                Price off amount :

3.1)  If the new customer’s first PO amount is less than 20K USD and more than 10K, you will have USD 1000 price off for your own new project.

3.2)  If the new customer’s first PO amount is more than 20K USD, you will have USD 2000 price off for your own new project.

3.3)   Price off only one time per each of introduced new customer. The second PO from new customer is not available for these terms.

3.4)   There is no limited price off amount for NC customer, if you have too much price off for your own new project, we will make this new project for you for free. If there is still more amount, you can use it in your second or third project.

4)                Responsibilities and obligations: ABIL need to performance their own responsibilities and obligations without any excuse, manufacturing and meeting the ordered production as the requirements as agreed before placing with the order for any customer (Included quality, lead time and all other necessaries). The EC will give afford for the new business risk for the new customer project.

5)                 Validation time: May 1th. 2017 to May 1th 2020 .



Company:       Asia Billion Industry Co Limited


Signature:     Business Director   Jeson Chen


Date:        April 12th, 2017

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