Four Key Points Teach You How To Distinguish Between TPU And TPE

- Jul 05, 2019-

Four key points teach you how to distinguish between TPU and TPE

  Many people have a vague concept of TPU and TPE. Although both are thermoplastic elastomer materials and they differ only by one letter, there are some differences in performance. Here, Asia Billion will teach you how to distinguish between TPU and TPE.


1. Pinch


  The elastic recovery of TPE is slower, and the elastic recovery of TPU is faster because the material structure of TPU is a uniform structure of polymer and belongs to polymer resin. TPE is a multiphase structured polymeric alloy material that is mixed with multiple components. High-hardness TPE processing is prone to deformation, and TPU exhibits excellent elasticity at all hardness intervals, and the product is not easily deformed. If the hand is not easy to handle, you can use the clip and hold it for 24 hours, which makes it easier to see how easy it is to recover.


2. Touch it by hand


  In terms of feel, TPE feels more delicate and TPU feels rough. From their hardness can reflect a little difference, TPE is a medium and low hardness, the touch comfort is more excellent, TPU has medium and high hardness, and the elasticity and strength are more excellent.

3. Burn with a fire


   When the flame is yellow and blue, it is burned with fire. TPE burns, there are slight bubbles at the bottom of the flame, and the smell is a special aromatic smell with petroleum smell (the oil smell is the burning smell of PP component). When the TPU burns, the flame is basically yellow, the bottom of the flame is very foamy, and the Ziz has a slight explosion and a certain pungent odor.


4. Look at the eyes


   Although most products of TPE and TPU are black, there are also transparent products. For transparent products, TPU is superior to TPE in transparency and is not as thick as transparent TPE.


  The above are four simple ways to identify TPE and TPU, for reference only. The so-called true knowledge practice, only a lot of practice, can have a deeper understanding of the subtle differences. Learning to distinguish them will help us choose better and more suitable materials for our products.

   If you need a more detailed material introduction, please contact your material supplier or contact us. Asia Billion is very willing to assist you in developing your own TPE and TPE products. We have the integration capabilities of concept design, prototype manufacturing, mold making and injection molding. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time:

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