Die Casting Defect How To Repair

- Nov 10, 2016-

The traditional electric spark surfacing welding repair machine Traditional edm spark surfacing welding repair machine adopts instant high frequency discharge principle, the nickel-based weld material or special welding materials after ion state moments acting on the workpiece surface, make the welding materials and artifacts in metallurgical way fusion as a whole. Surface to generate heat in the process of the whole welding repair tiny. Traditional electric spark surfacing welding repair machine gun adopts rotating electrode, welding wire diameter ranged from 1.6 to 3.0 mm. Suitable for casting defects repair. And traditional electric spark surfacing welding repair machine on the power and the discharge frequency Settings, can be coated on the surface strengthening. Steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other kinds of metal can be repaired. Advantages: traditional electric spark surfacing welding repair machine convenient installation, simple operation, general staff with a little training to operation. High strength weld repairs, welding repair parts without annealing, no crack, no deformation, internal stress, solder joint does not produce processing hard point, relative to the SMT machine repair speed is faster, to repair the accuracy is higher, and can through X-ray flaw detection, penetration, such as tensile test. Has been for many casting manufacturer to accept and use. In addition, in the mold repair aspects are some use value. Disadvantages: slower traditional electric spark surfacing welding repair machine, 2 mm cast iron needs about 3 minutes. Corresponding welding materials, less iron can only use nickel base welding materials (around 300 / kg) welding repair cost is high, and weld material utilization rate can only reach 80%. Color difference is relatively large, each low, due to its principle of high frequency discharge, also is a granular surfacing, combining with the relative to argon arc welding is low, the non-ferrous metal iron pieces of poor compactness. Bright and clean degree is not high, for high smooth casting can not meet the requirements. Moreover because of the traditional design principles of cold welding machine, power is in commonly 2000 w, the internal electronic components are exposed, in this environment, the foundry machine often out of order, especially the electrode gun (gas-electric separa

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