Date Analysis |2016 Years China Mold Export And Import Condition

- Mar 10, 2017-

Date analysis |2016 Years China mold export and import condition

2017-03-06 China Mold Industry Org 


The information is from the China custom statistical analysis. 2016 years China mold export and import total value is USD 6792.9389 million, have a decrease 10.3% rate comparing last year,

 the export value is USD 2002.8112 million, have a decrease 19.4% than last year, the export value is USD 4790.1278 million, have a decrease 5.8% than last year. The total condition as below :


(1)  Mold type; the highest rate imported mold is plastic/rubber injection mold. Around 46.36% rate of all , the second is die casting mold , around 39.09% rate of all

 (2)Import location: the main imported location are Japan, Korea, German, USA and Taiwan. The total imported value is USD 1563.5017 million, 78.07& rate of all the imported value 

(3)Export destination: Our main mold market is USA, Hong kong , Japan and India, the total exported value is USD 2103.4622 million, 43.91% rate of total exported mold value

(4)Imported destination: The main imported province are Jiangsu , Guangdong, Shanghai , Zhejiag and Liaoning. The imported value is USD 1372.1750 million, share 68.51% rate of all the imported molds.

(5) exported Province: the main exported province are Guangdong  Jiangsu , Zhejiang , Shanghai and Shandong. The total exported value is USD 3994.8866 million, share 83.40% percentage of total exported mold.

(6)The 2016 years Chinese mold exported destinations are more than 189 countries, the exported amount more than USD 10 million  have 704 companies.

   Asia Billion Industry Co., Limited (ABIL) is a Hong Kong registered company with manufacturing plant in Shenzhen. We are a professional manufacturer of plastic injection tooling , injection molded component and precise machining. We are a ISO 9001-2008 certified and ISO/TS 16949 compliance high qualification company.


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We are aimed at to be the best plastic and mold project solution company in Asia Industry all the time with global sight and service.


What We Do:

Tooling:  Multi-cavity /Family Mold , Cold runner/Hot runner Mold, 2 shots injection Mold, Over Mold, Insert Mold. Precise mold, Large mold, Liquid Silicone & Rubber mold (LSR), rubber mold .

Molding : Injection molding ,compression molding. Solid/Liquid Silicone & Rubber molding

Machining:  3 axis or 5 axis CNC machining, grind, drill and lathe .
Business Range: involve in various range, Service all  the Industries at :  Automotive, Home-appliance, Electronic , Electric, Medical. Defense, Furniture. Toy, Construction, Household appliances , Heavy Industry machinery , Commodity and so on
Secondary Operation: Painting, Silk-Screen .Hot Stamping , Part Assembly.

Why Choose ABIL?

1) Professional company with global views and technical background .
2) Specialized at  many difference requirements . We will give each project a detail solution with interplay communication with customer before designing and fabrication.
3) No project is too small or too big for us. we see each project as our new starting
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5) Preferred choosing for the balance-point between cost and quality
6) Well trained employees with smooth English and good trouble shooting
7) Well known for production design, development and functions
8) Your one-step choosing for your plastic project and metal project.
9) We can do more than what you expect. we see the works from customer as our future and value.

10) advanced supply  chain  VMI/JIT system with our customer


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