Copy Mold Process Introduction

- Mar 09, 2019-

Copy mold process introduction

  The copying of the mold refers to the use of the original template, the silicone mold is made under vacuum, and the PU material is poured under vacuum to clone the same copy as the original sample.

  Silicone mold: Silicone mold is one of the ways to make a prototype. The silicone mold making step can be divided into three steps.

1. Prototype: Before making a silicone mold, you need to make a prototype. The prototype can use the more common ABS material, CNC machining can be.

2. After the prototype of the silica gel mold is ready, the silicone mold is started. After eight hours of drying, the silicone mold was cut open and the prototype was taken out. At this point, the silicone mold is ready.

3. Injection type: Inject the liquid gum material into the silica gel mold and dry it. The life of the silicone mold is approximately 25 molds.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The advantages are fast time, low cost, and low probability of processing failure. More than 20 identical products can be made using a silicone mold. Significantly reduce product development costs, cycles and risks.

The disadvantage is that the mold is not resistant to acid and alkali, is not resistant to aging, has a short life, and the surface of the mold is prone to traces, streaks, and unevenness, and the product precision is not high.

Process points:

1. The amount of curing agent should be determined according to temperature, and the temperature will be reduced. When the curing agent is used in excess, the mold will become hard and brittle; if the curing agent is used too little, the operation time will be prolonged.

2, in order to prevent the physical properties of the mold silicone, it is recommended not to add silicone oil.

3, in order to achieve the best use of your mold, please store the mold for at least 24 hours.

4. The hard mold can also be made of resin.

Application range:

Mainly used in the toy gift industry, craft gift industry, furniture decoration and decoration industry, character reproduction, architectural decoration and decoration industry, simulation of animal and plant sculpture, Buddha carving crafts and other products reproduction and mold production.

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