Chinese Plasic Injection Mould Design And Manufacturing Prospects

- Dec 07, 2018-

Mold design and manufacturing prospects

   The level of mold manufacturing has become an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, and it is also one of the important guarantees for a country's industrial products to maintain international competitiveness. It is estimated that the domestic mold market will be 250 billion yuan in 2020. The following is an analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects.


   The mold industry is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, from cars to toys, and its production is based on a series of small and small molds. Driven by the equipment manufacturing industry, China's mold industry has developed rapidly in the past five years. Analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, the industry continues to have emerging companies, such as Hong Kong-funded, Taiwan-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to join in, and the original enterprises are also pursuing greater development, while the level of mold technology continues to improve, these are on the mold Talent has more and higher demand.

   Through the analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, mold design and mold processing are often inseparable in mold manufacturing. Therefore, in addition to design technology and processing technology, we must pay attention to some comprehensive technologies, and its development direction will have a major impact on mold manufacturing. At present, information technology based on microelectronics and software technology and characterized by digitalization and networking is affecting all fields of society with strong penetration. The traditional manufacturing informationization is imperative.

   With the rapid development of various new technologies, mold automatic processing systems have appeared in foreign countries. The mold automatic processing system should have the following characteristics: reasonable combination of multiple machine tools; equipped with accompanying positioning fixtures or positioning discs; complete fixture and tool CNC library; complete CNC flexible synchronization system and quality monitoring control system. It is also said that the machine tool that simultaneously performs roughing and finishing is a mold processing system. These will be developed in the future.

    Through the analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects, China's mold design processing and manufacturing technology is catching up with international standards and enterprise management technology is at the international level. However, all employees in China's mold industry must study hard. We will firmly grasp the development direction of the world's mold technology, give full play to the subjective initiative, and create a better future on the ground and with confidence.

  Since the development of mold computer-aided design (CAD) technology in China in the 1980s, this technology has been recognized and has been developed rapidly. The Computer Aided Engineering Analysis (CAE) technology developed in the 1990s is now also used in many enterprises, which has a significant effect on shortening the mold manufacturing cycle and improving mold quality.

    In recent years, the hardware and software prices of mold CAD/CAM technology have been reduced to the extent that SMEs are generally acceptable, creating favorable conditions for its further popularization; the network-based CAD/CAM/CAE integrated system structure is beginning to emerge. It will solve the problem that the traditional hybrid CAD/CAM system can not meet the requirements of the division of labor in the actual production process; the degree of intelligence of CAD/CAM software will gradually increase; the 3D design of plastic parts and molds and the 3D analysis of the molding process will be in China's molds. The industry plays an increasingly important role. The above is all the analysis of mold design and manufacturing prospects.

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