Casting Plastic Mold Production

- Nov 10, 2016-

Casting mould is a kind of plastic mould, plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine form a complete set of commonly used processing shaping tools, plastic products for industrial manufacturing equipment of complete configuration and precise size. Casting mould when used for its high precision and high accuracy and is widely used in all kinds of high precision manufacturing, which is to produce high precision parts and components made of material model, according to the products of different size and specifications, has also increased the casting mould in developing a variety of patterns, according to its shape and characteristics of manufacturing of casting mould design and manufacturing are also different. Along with the development of the synthetic plastic materials such as plastic industry, rather than the traditional wooden and metal mold, the mold manufacturing material sources become more widely, the method of making plastic molds for different industries and solutions are also different, according to various industry research and analysis, casting mold used in important areas of scientific research has matured and widely used.

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