ASP23 Steel Introduction

- Jul 04, 2019-

ASP23 steel introduction

  ASP23 steel is chrome molybdenum vanadium powder steel, which belongs to the Swedish standard. It is typical of Sweden's one wins 100. The same series has ASP30, ASP60 powder high speed steel, and sometimes it is also written as ASP-23.


  ASP23 steel is particularly suitable for the blanking and forming of thin materials, or the risk of plastic deformation on the surface. Parts of plastic forming machines such as: screw, barrel, nozzle, injection head, crushing knife, medium carbon steel or High carbon steel blanking, die-cut hardened steel or cold-rolled steel strip, injection mold containing glass fiber.


High wear resistance (anti-abrasive wear)

High compressive strength

Very good hardenability

Good toughness

Good dimensional stability of heat treatment

Good resistance to tempering and softening

Good long  life time for mould

Use the correct hardness for different applications

Wear resistance, high toughness, to avoid early failure of the mold due to chipping or cracking

Materials with high wear resistance often have low toughness, so many examples show that high wear resistance and toughness are the most important for mold life.


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