Asia Billion Mold And Molding Production Ordering Process

- Nov 18, 2017-


Asia Billion Mold and Injection Molding Production Ordering Process:

1.Send us the drawing with specifications for the quality, mould life and others requirments.

2. Get a quote from us with Moluld costs and basis information and part prices.

3..Negotiation of the quality, price, material, delivery time, payment term and others  

4.Confirm and Place an order with first downpayment.

5. We will analyse with your products and provide a DFM to you for making sure is good to make mold and production.

6. Send mold design for customer approval before making mold   

7.Order materials and begin to machining, update the manufacturing process information per week to customer with pictures.

8. Assemble the mold and Try out for the First samples.

9. Self- inspecting and send the samples with our inspection report to customer for confirmation

7. If the first sample comes out and satisfied, the mold finished. If not satisfied, we will modify until meeting customer's requirements.  

8. Balance payment and documents preparing for shipment.

9. Delivery of goods by sea or by air according customer's requirement

10. After sales customer service and keeing touching for using.

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