Asia Billion Buy 2 New Nissei Super Injection Molding Machines For Business Expanding

- Mar 11, 2019-

Asia Billion buy 2 new Nissei Super Injection molding machines for business expanding

  The Precision Injection mold manufacture and precision injection molding company Asia Billion have a great business development for 2018 years.  We have more and more precision injection molding projects from our different industries such as electronic , aerospace and military , medical device and automotive.

  In orde to keep up with the marketing development and our customer's requirements. Asia Billion management tean invest around USD 150000 to buy 2 sets new FN-800 andFN-1000 80T Japan brand super precision injection molding machine. It can reinforce our core business advantages and competitive power .  the capacity for this molding production tolerance can reach to 0.01mm

  If you have a precision injection tooling and plastic molding project, please contact us freely to get professional. the precision injection mold and over mold is our Asia Billion core technology with low price and high quality.

Nissei Injection molding machine

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