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- May 06, 2019-

Application skills for adjusting the filling speed of multi-cavities plastic injection molds

   In the multi-cavity mold, the filling speed of each cavity is often uneven (unbalanced), and some cavities are fast and some are slow. In this way, the injection molded parts with fast filling are prone to problems such as batch front, whitening and trapping, and the slow feeding is prone to shrinkage or misfeeding. The two are mutually constrained. When the unevenness is serious, the adjustment will become very difficult. When the machine is adjusted, some skills are needed to solve these contradictory problems at the same time.

  Adjusting the filling speed of each cavity is often used by some senior technicians in production to solve various condensation problems. At the same time, ordinary technicians can easily control production without spending too much energy to adjust the machine. Maintaining production is the best way to solve problems. Therefore, learning to use this skill to solve problems is the only way for ordinary technicians to improve the level of injection molding technology.

   Generally, by increasing the water inlet and the flow path, the pressure and speed of the injection of the cavity are correspondingly increased. On the contrary, it plays a role in reducing pressure and speed. With this method, the filling speed of each cavity can be easily adjusted.

   In real production, we can use the following adjustment techniques to solve different problems or problems according to different needs.

   First of all, the water in each cavity can be adjusted to be uneven, so that each cavity needs different pressure and speed to solve the problem at the same time. It is often the case that the pressure or speed of a certain cavity can be higher, while the pressure and speed of other cavities cannot be raised together, and sometimes it may be lowered. For example, if a molded part of a cavity has a grain or air grain, the problem of slowing the speed of the glue injection will be solved, but the other cavity has the problem of uneven or shrinkage, and it is necessary to have a grain or The speed of the filling of the cavity is slowed down, or the speed of the missing or shrinking water will be adjusted.

   Secondly, the filling speed of each cavity is adjusted to be uniform, so that the injection molded parts of each cavity can almost fill the cavity at the same time, so as to solve the aforementioned prior batching due to uneven filling, and Unreasonable problems. In addition, the filling speed of each cavity is adjusted to be uniform, and in the multi-stage injection, multiple identical injection molded parts of the same mold can be graded at the same position to solve the same injection molding problem at the same time, otherwise If this solution is solved, it will not solve the problem.

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