Analysis Of ABS And TPE Common Over Molding Problems And Solutions

- Jul 05, 2019-

Analysis of ABS and TPE common over molding problems and solutions

1. The main reason for the deformation of ABS rubber parts when the rubber is covered: ABS rubber parts are too thin; the molding temperature is high; the injection pressure (overpressure is too large).

Improve sulutions: mold the ribs; adjust the position of the glue inlet; adjust the TPR, TPE material, appropriately reduce the overmolding temperature; reduce the pressure holding and reduce the rate of fire.


2. The reason why the rubber is not firm: the problem of the material; the molding temperature is low or the injection speed is too slow.

Improvement solutions: Select the special grade of rubber-coated ABS; appropriately increase the overmolding temperature and injection speed.


3. Reasons for improper demoulding when laminating: the structure of the mold product; the problem of the material.

Improvement solutions: modify the mold structure (surface treatment, draft angle, insert ejection); adjust the material to find the TPE grade with good release; and release the mold release agent.


4. The reason for the delamination of the rubber-coated ABS into the rubber mouth is that the compatibility of the components of the TPR and TPE materials is not good enough; the injection speed is too fast.

Improvement solutions: Improve the compatibility of TPE compounding system; appropriately reduce the injection speed.


5. The surface of the rubberized product is water-stained, and the gloss is not good. Cause: The moisture content of the rubber compound is low; the molding temperature is low.

Improvement solutions: baking; appropriate increase in overmolding temperature.


6. The reason for the gas coating of the rubberized product: the molding temperature is too high; the mold venting property is not good.

Improvement solutions: appropriately reduce the molding temperature, appropriately reduce the rate of fire, or modify the mold to allow the gas to escape.


7. ABS rubberized products are whitened or sticky after being placed for one or two months. Reasons: TPR, TPE compound contains excessive amounts of additives, which migrate over time and penetrate into the surface of the material.

Improvement solutions: There is basically no good post-processing method for the products with problems. It is recommended to pick up the raw materials from the source.

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