Advantages And Disadvantages Of Calcium Carbonate Filled Modified PP And Its Application

- Jul 12, 2019-

Advantages and Disadvantages of Calcium Carbonate Filled Modified PP and Its Application

   Among the calcium carbonate filled modified PP materials, calcium carbonate has many advantages such as abundant source, low price, easy to use, easy surface treatment, easy color adjustment, and low wear on equipment. It is the most commonly used inorganic filler material and is widely used in PP. It has a good interface with the polymer, which helps to improve the mechanical properties of the filling system, and the rheological properties of the calcium carbonate filled PP are also effectively improved.

First, the advantages and disadvantages of calcium carbonate filling pp :

1) increase dimensional stability (ie, shrinkage reduction);

2) increase the stiffness of the material;

3) increase the heat resistance of the material;

4) Reduce the cost of materials and other aspects.

Second, calcium carbonate filled modified pp defects:

1) increase in density;

2) The use is not good, the impact toughness is reduced;

3) The gloss of the material has decreased.

Third, the application of calcium carbonate filling modified pp plastic

  Calcium carbonate filled modified PP plastic can be widely used in small appliance housings, air conditioner outdoor units, various electronic and electrical components, engineering structural components and the like.

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