718h And 738h And P20 Mold Steel Difference

- Apr 18, 2017-

718h and 738h and P20 mold steel difference


     718H, 738H, P20 belong to the same type of steel - 718H and 738H pre-hardened plastic mold steel, the steel has been pre-hardened, mechanical cutting is not too difficult, is the production price of plastic mold steel. 718H / 738H / P20 these three materials are not very different,

1, hardness, 718H hardness between 33-36 HRC, 738H hardness between 30-35 HRC, P20 hardness between 28-35 HRC.

2, chemical composition: 718H is an improved version of P20, 718H = P20 + Ni, 718H in the mold side of the luminous degree is significantly better than P20,738H between the two, so the general mold in the choice of materials, will be more Ignore 738H. Other capacity of the difference is not very big!


   718 mold steel corresponding to our brand 3Cr2NiMo, is based on the P20 (3Cr2Mo) developed on the P20 improved steel, the quality of a greater improvement to make it fill the lack of P20 mold steel to meet the P20 mold steel does not meet the requirements occasion.


  718 mold steel can be carburized to further improve the surface properties. 718 mold steel use and P20 type of mold steel the same, but because of better hardenability, superior performance, you can make large size, high-grade plastic mold forming parts.


  718 mold steel chemical composition (mass fraction,%)

Content (%): 0.3 to 0.40.2 to 0.41.00 to 1.501.4 to 2.000.30 to 0.550.80 to 1.20

   P20 mold steel chemical composition:

ElementCarbonSiliconeCrMnMoPhosphorus Sulfur
Content (%)0.370.601.901.450.2≤  0.03


    718 is Sweden's advanced pre-hardened plastic mold steel, 738 is the German high-purity pre-hard plastic mold steel, performance is almost.


   If the emphasis on toughness, the appropriate election 738, because 738 Mn, Cr, Ni content higher than 718, hardenability is better, better toughness, suitable for polishing or grain surface has a relatively high product.

If the emphasis on strength, wear resistance, suitable for election 718, because 718 C, Mo content higher than 738, higher hardness, grain fine, well polishing in generally.

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