718 Mold Steel

- Apr 18, 2017-

718 mold steel

    Sweden's production of 718 plastic mold steel has excellent mechanical properties and machinability, processing technology is simple, it is widely used in mold processing and production industry. Another 718 die steel through a special production process at the time of the factory has been pre-hardened to the hardness of 41 ~ 47HRC, can reduce part of the heat treatment process, improve economic efficiency.


   718 mold steel, China's brand 3Cr2NiMo is improved in the P20 (3Cr2Mo), the quality of a greater improvement, so that fill the P20 mold steel shortage, to meet the P20 mold steel can’t meet the requirements of the occasion. GS-711, GS-738, GS-312, GS-318 (Germany Thyssen), Austria M238 ECOPLUS, the United States of America, CS718 (the Great Wall Special Steel), SWP20 (Shanghai Iron and Steel Company), etc., so in addition to corrosion resistance can’t be used for plastic mold parts, is currently the most widely used general-purpose plastic mold steel typical steel. Often referred to as "high" plastic mold steel, the newly developed new steel is often used as a typical contrast.

718 steel is Sweden's victory over a hard mirror anti-acid plastic mold steel. The steel is pre-hardened, the material is uniform, the cleanliness is high, and it has excellent polishing performance and photolithography. But also has a high hardenability, good electrical processing performance and texture processing performance. Pre-hardened steel can also be used for mold bore, flange can be implemented flame hardening, can increase the hardness to 52HRC.

The steel has good machinability and abrasion resistance, uniform hardness distribution. But also has a good polishing performance, processing technology is simple, affordable, so the amount of large.


Corresponding to the steel:

   China's GB standard steel plate 3Cr2NiMo; German DIN standard material steel 1.2738; Sweden one hundred wins ASSAB standard steel 718; US AISI / SAE standard steel P20 + Ni; Japan JS standard steel SNCM optimization; International Standards Organization ISO standard steel No. 35CrMo2.



  718 mold steel use and P20 type of mold steel the same, but because of better hardenability, superior performance, you can make large size, high-grade plastic mold forming parts. With the development of plastic mold, there will be more and better updated to improve the mold steel, Baosteel's B30H is an example.

Thermoplastic injection mold, extrusion die.

Thermoplastic blow molds.

Heavy Duty Die Main Parts.

Cold structural parts.

Commonly used in the manufacture of TV chassis, washing machine,refrigerator shell, bucket and so on.


Application example:

A) large mold plate, high surface requirements of household appliances.

B) for large-scale mirror plastic molds, such as cars, home appliances, audio and video products.

C) can be used for mirror polishing requirements of the plastic mold, suitable for PA, POM, PS, PE, PP, ABS plastic injection mold, blow mold.

D) high polishing and high demand mold cavity.

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