420 Plastic Mold Steel

- Apr 27, 2017-

420 Plastic mold steel

Basic Information:

420 mold steel quenched state of use (hardness 48-54HRC), in order to meet the long-term work or parts of the number of more than 1 million life requirements, the more appropriate use should be quenched low-temperature tempering treatment. Quenching is heated to 1000-1050 ℃ insulation for a certain time (30 minutes / 25mm), and then quenched into the oil cooled to 50-100 ℃ and immediately tempered to prevent cracking. Temper at 200 ℃ (at least 4 hours) hardness can reach more than 48HRC, with better polishing and better corrosion resistance.

chemical composition:

C Carbon Si Silicon Cr Cr Mn Mn Mo Mo V Vanadium S Sulfur

0.40 0.80 13.50 0.50 0.60 0.20 0.03


Excellent corrosion resistance

Excellent polishing of light

Excellent abrasion resistance

Excellent machinability

Quenching with excellent stability

Lower maintenance costs

Mold after long-term use, the mold surface is still maintained the original smooth state.

When the mold is operated or stored in a humid environment, no special protection is required.

Lower production costs

As the mold cooling water pipe is not affected by corrosion (not like ordinary mold steel), heat conduction characteristics, cooling efficiency in the mold life period are stable, to ensure that the mold constant forming time.

US Fencro 420 Mold Steel is recommended for all molds, due to its special nature, more suitable for special environmental needs.

Steel usage:

Applicable to all kinds of plastic products mold, more suitable for special requirements of the mold.

Suitable for making weak acid and wet environment used in the mold.

Suitable for transparent plastic products such as optical instruments.

Suitable for high polished mirror molds.

Application for medical plastic injection mold 

Factory status:

Hardness, HRC21-22

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