3D Printing Is Helping Our Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer Industry For Revolution Development.

- Dec 05, 2016-

3D Printing is helping our plastic injection molding manufacturer industry for revolution development.


3D Printing is ongoing change the way what we design, innovate and manufacturing. It’s an innovative method of making a solid three-dimensional object out of a digital file. It does this by applying very thin layers of plastic material – measuring just a few microns from the bottom up. It greatly help for the company to develop their company to faster and more cost efficient.


For the automotive industry, as we know it is very hard to design a completely new car, It need to much testing and we are not sure that our design are acceptable by the consumer marketing or not, That mean it is cost , time and risk , But now we even can build one concept car using the 3D printing technology to testing all the necessary things with our marketing drumbeating at least one year before our production final launching to the market . Hereby We can declare the 3D printing is the 21 century trending which would change our world, it have greatly for us no matter you are a toolmaker or a OEM company.


3D printing is becoming more and more success .easy .credible and convenient after many years development. Now they change much for our plastic molding industry. We can feel comparing with several years ago. Currently we are not easy to find some companies still build the machined plastic prototype part to testing.


  When plastic injection molding is the ultimate manufacturing path of choice, one of the key costs is the preparation and made the steel mold for the plastic injection molding part.  In the past time, the decision to take this expensive step was often made after machined a plastic prototype for testing at least.  But now the 3d printed part supports a preliminary test of potential customers and markets with easy multiple feature changes.  This allows the OEM companies to reach decisions on the product ranging from making small adjustments all the ways before the high cost step of purchasing the expensive steel production Plastic Injection Mold.


  Of course, the 3D printing currently technology still have some issues such as the rough surface finish, the weaker strength and limited material . These issues limit the popular using in the manufacturing industry .  But we still can obviously feeling the 3D printing technology charm and what they had changed the worlds.



   Contact us at sales@ab-industry.com , we will give you our professional proposal for your project, no matter for 3D initial production testing or a mass production project , we will build your confidence and future value for your plastic project . As a professional company we are introducing the 3D printing technology to our automotive plastic injection tooling and plastic injection molding manufacturing projects to support our customer and meet the technology development trending.

    Published by Asia Billion Industry Co Limited Team at 2016-7-7

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