2738 Plastic Injection Mold Steel

- Apr 04, 2017-

 2738 Plastic Injection Mold steel

  2738 Mold steel is the German DIN standard steel grades, produced by Buderus, with good mechanical properties, good machinability, so the more widely used in the mold industry, which is mainly used for the processing of plastic mold production. As the 2738 die steel at the time of the factory has been pre-hardened, it can be directly used for processing, thereby reducing the normal mold production process of heat treatment, improve economic efficiency.

  2738 pre-hardened plastic mold steel, Buderus die steel, the implementation of standards 29 ~ 33HRC. 2738 add about 1% nickel content, pre-hardness is good. Add nickel to improve its hardenability. Mainly used in large-scale plastic mold, mold, such as car bumpers, TV shell mold, and so on. PS and ABS , etc. Features: Excellent processing performance, easy cutting and polishing and electric erosion.

  2738 steel by adding nickel components, hardness uniformity, with excellent processing performance and polishing performance. Mainly used in high-demand plastic mold, suitable for televisions, fax machines, home appliances plastic parts, auto parts and other requirements of a certain polished plastic mold.

Chemical Ingredients

C: 0.37

Cr: 2.0

Mn: 1.1

Mo: 0.4

Ni: 1.0

  2738H German plastic mold steel 2738H is based on the 2738 hardening improved, the steel by adding nickel components, hardness uniformity, with excellent processing performance and polishing performance.

China GB standard grade 3Cr2NiMo, the United States AISI standard grade P20 MODIFIED, the United States AISI standard grade P20 + Ni, Germany DIN standard grade 1.2738, Sweden UDDEHOLM standard grade IMPAX HI HARD, Sweden wins one hundred (ASSAB) standard grade 718HH


 Typical application:

1) Suitable for molds requiring high gloss.

2) The surface hardness of the steel after nitriding can reach 650 ~ 700 HV, the number of products can reach 1 million shots.

3) Particularly suitable for plastic molds with thickness greater than 400mm.

4) for a variety of high-polishing and large plastic molds, such as home appliances, automotive industry, office equipment, plastic mold.

5) for large plastic injection mold , such as car bumper, TV cover mold.

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