20L Bucket Plastic Injection Mould

- Mar 12, 2017-

Product Description


20L Bucket LidCavities Number:1 Cavity
Core And Cavity Material:2316Injection System:Hot Runner, Cold Runner
Material:PPProduct Name:Home Appliance Mold


Hot Runner 1 Cavity 20L Bucket Lid Injection Mould For Paint Packing

Quick Detail:
20L Bucket Lid Mold for paint packing
1 Cavity
Core And Cavity Material: 718H/2316
Hot Runner
Mould Introduction:

Material to be used : PP/ PE
Anual Production Preview : 1.000.000
Number of cavities : 1-Cavity
Type of injection system : Hot Runner System with Single-point Temperature Control, or Cold runner
Type of gating : Center of the part / Cosmetic Gate
Hot runnersupplied : Yodu Hot runner 
Mould base steel : 1050
Mould Base Parting Line Plates : DIN 1.2085 (Stainless) Pre-hardened 30/32 HRC
Cavity Steel : /2316 Hardened 55 HRC
Core steel : /2316 (Stainless) Hardened 55 HRC
Stripper Plate Inserts Steel : DIN 1.2343 (AISI H11) Hardened 54/56 HRC
Slides Steel: DIN 1.2083 (Stainless) Hardened 50/52 HRC
Type of Ejection: Stripping Plate + Unscrewing motor
Type of Finish (Cavity side) : SPI A3 (Intermediate Mirror Polish)
Type of Finish (Core side) : SPI B2 (Sandpaper Finish Grit 400)

Engravings: Part Number/Cavity #./Logo/ Date code/ Version #/ Material

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