Precision Plastic Injection Molding

Precision Plastic Injection Molding

this is a high precision plastic injection molding terminal or connector for our Taiwan customer. there are 25 small square hole, the hole size around 0.8 x 0.8 mm, only 0.01 mm radius is permitted, it even reach the limitation for precision plastic injection molding items for this radius . the production tolerance tolerance is +/-0.05 mm and critical dimension is +/-0.02 mm. tooling need to use special mold steel as it need hard enough and also need the flexibility . this mold is a 2 cavities mass production mold with one million shot life which under the spare part support for small pins. If you need to find a creditable precision injection molding and tooling supplier , please contact us freely.

Product Details

Asia Billion are a high precision injection mold and high precision plastic injection molding manufacture in China. in the pasted 10 years we made more than 1000 sets high precision molding tooling and parts. all the parts get highly admiration from our customer team and market feedback.  

 We are honest and professional , we only quote our customer reasonable cost with proper solutions according to our customer's requirements.  it is the most important key factors why we have stability increase every year.  almost our new customers become our friends or fans after 2 or more projects cooperation.  they trust us and trust the way what we are working for them. 

  Here  Asia Billion have imported equipment for mold making , inspection instrument and injection molding machine , so we can do the same testing as what you will do  in your plant.  that mean there will be more procedures and more quality assurance for your precision plastic injection molding project. 

Asia Billion precision plastic injection molding manufacturing advantages comparing with others:

Asia   Billion ( ABIL)

 The competitors which smaller or similar with ABIL

leading big companies and foreign companies

Company   Ownership:

Limited   company ,Found at Hong Kong by 3 person , we use the western culture for all our   shop and works, the 3 shareholders all are graduated from college  and have Min 5 year working experience for   western companies.

Mostly   are private company , Chinese owner , maybe just Hong Kong , Taiwan or Chines   injection molding and tooling shop working experience , no global working   experience

Limited   or group company , Global working and understand the different countries and   people mind. Maybe market list company.

Company founding time:

From   2009 years

Not   sure , some have quite long time , and some are just founded

Mostly   are more than 30 years

Company size :

4500   square meters , 3 buildings

From   500 to 3000 square meters

Almost   are more than 10000 square meters

Company workers:

80   staff

 From 1 to 100 staff

 Normally more than 500 staff

Worker ages totally and worker :

From   3 years to 30 years

Not   sure

Not   sure. some are good too

Employee turnover rate:






5%   or less. Many guys keep working for us when we start the business. It is one   important key for stability production.

More   than 25% normally

10%   or more , the foreign company also have long time working staff.

Plant   No:





We   have 2 buildings, we are trying to move to an industrial park in the coming   few years





Just   partial of one building or ne floor

Much   more buildings or industrial parl.

Engineering   capacity :



We   have 6 engineers and one engineering manager , all of them have more than 10   years mold and molding working experience , the engineering manager have some   famous global company working experience.

Not   sure , some no bad , some bad

It   is very good for the experienced guys, but there are also some starters each   year

Plant   5S and First impression:


Very   good, All are Clean and tidy. The manufacturing plant floor have painting and   looks like as clean room. All the machine and tools are tidy an clean  which according to 5S rulers

Not   as good as expect. Always confusion. Many places against the 5S rulers.

 Very good , Some are similar with Asia Billion,   some are better than us. All the machine and tools are tidy an clean  which according to 5S rulers

Machine   :


Our   machine mostly are imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan. All are good   machine, the machine is new within 20 years life time.

Mostly   are china local cheap machine and some are second hand used machine. some   machines are in poor conditions

Mostly   are new famous brand machine. good conditions.

Machining   tolerance:


+/-0.003   mm

+/-   0.02 mm

 +/- 0.003 mm    or  less

Quality   system:


ISO9001   certified

IATF   16949 compliance

ISO13485   compliance

ISO   9001 certified or nothing

Full   certifications always

Quality   control implementation:

Strictly   according to ISO 9001 quality standard , we have full IQC for each,each machining process inspection and   recording, IPQC per 2 hours and QA for shipment. FAI, CPS, SPC , PPAP if necessary

Sometimes  just have limited partial documents or have nothing control

Have   fully documents which is same or little better than us

Certified   qualified engineer:






We   have 2 qualified quality engineer from CQC( china Quality Commerce)

No  qualified quality engineer always

Same  or higher qualified engineering from other countries such as USA, Japan and   German

Customer   service:


Excellent,   the GM is the leader for marketing and customer service, we learn the ideals   from service industries which can have better support and communicate with our   customer.

Not   very good and just so so

Excellent , professional and standard

Price   level:

Reasonable   price and very competitive

Competitive   , some higher than Asia Billion , some is lower

Very high , sometimes , the price is 2 or 3 times double

Material   certifications:

Steel   and resin COA, Hardness testing report for mold, SGS,UL,   MSDS, COC   and others necessary, fully documents

Just   some of them or no

Steel and resin COA, Hardness testing report for mold, SGS,UL,   MSDS, COC   and others necessary, fully documents

Project Response  time:







Very   fast and response with correct solution and feedback only. Take the responsibility   and obligations.

Fast   response , but not always offer the correct solution and feedback ,not always   take the responsibilities and obligations.

Very slow response , maybe weeks for one simple issue. sometimes   absolve oneself from responsibility with any cause too.



Global,   the fast growing more than 20% each year.

Some   are just for domestic and some developing countries who concern more price   only and ignore some small quality issues

Global leaders

Supply chain cooperation:




Have   professional supply chain and logistic guys to support our customer.


No,   mostly subcontract or worked by the sales person

Have professional supply chain and logistic guys to support our customer.

After sales service


Yes,   we have, each project we will track and have investigations to our customer to   find what we do is not enough or lack. It can help us work better for later   project. You can get support from our owner directly if you met problem


Very   little or limited , maybe just one email ask is our this batch production ok   or not.

Yes,  but it is always need to long time to wait and good kindly as what we   expect.   The customer service team always   is the player for kick the ball. The final issues is very hard for you.

Customer plant visting :yes, Our owner and sale person visit our customer team one time per year , no matter you are big or small customer.not know , mostly don't.maybe just sales person visit customer when they have troubles or big orders

Final scores for your reference :









we believe that our Asia Billion will be a very good partner for your precision plastic injection molding parts and precision injection mold making project, please contact us freely for you any question or RFQ.

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