Plastic Injection Moulding Tools

Plastic Injection Moulding Tools

Asia Billion can make the plastic injection moulding tools from very small one which can take in your hand to very big one up to 10 tons . the mold size can be from 100 x 100 to 1500 x2000 mm. cavities no will be from one to 64 cavities.

Product Details

Asia Billion the only fewer companies all over the world who have some latest core technology such as MIM ( metal injection moulding ) , CIM ( ceramic injection molding ) ,LDS ( laser direct structuring) plastic injection moulding ; EMI (electromagnetic) shielding plastic injection molding , IR (Infrared)  transmitting plastic injection molding and ultra-precision injection molding. If you are trying to find plastic injection moulding tools supplier, please let us know freely. 

  Each project we have the after sales service support,  we will track the production condition in customer side for 3 years guarantee time or within in the mold life running time .   we can solve the troubles at your plant if it have and free cost for you.  most of Chinese local mold makers don't have tis capacity. this is one of our most important success reasons comparing others.

  Asia Billion molds are mainly exported to North America and Europe. However it is affected by the covid-19 epidemic this year, our customers basically suspend or cancel most orders due to the closure of the city or the blockade of end customers. At the same time, because everyone is affected by the epidemic, the economy is going down, and there is insufficient market information, many companies are reluctant to develop new products. The mold just comes from the product update or new product development. Mold development is often a very long-term project, which usually takes about 8 to 20 weeks, so now all mold companies are very uncomfortable.

 In this special period, Asia Billon is willing to contribute to the society with our customers and end customers. We donate medical materials to our foreign customers and friends within our ability, and we are actively obliged to help them contact the necessary materials. At the same time, Asia Billion has decided through the board of directors that during the hard times of Covid-19, we will give customers a 15% discount, and we will support the development of our desired customers based on cost and price.

 Due to the impact of the current epidemic, customers cannot travel, but the mold industry often needs to be debugged and verified on site. Here Asia Billion combine the company's actual situation and the technical case, we can use VR technology, online video conferencing software, etc. It can realize the  simulation visiting to our factory for verify your project and new customer supplier audit . It is so important to ensure that all projects are completed on time and in quality , and at the same time, it is also more convenient for new customer . so that customers can integrate the company's internal processes and verification requirements to reduce project risks , it is new way to optimize our traditional communication methods and make your project running well even if you work at home. 

  Chinese mold industry keep fast growth around 30 years  which start from learning from Japanese and Taiwan people. 30 years ago most injection mold makers and companies belong to them .  the Chinese local owned people or factories only can make some quit simple injection mold such as the plate and basket.   after 30 years development , China is the biggest injection mold maker all over the worlds. we produce around 40% of the total moulds each years.  and most injection mold maker and companies which can make the precision mold with 0.02mm steel dimension tolerance under the  numerical control machine  such as CNC machine and grinding machine.    and the complex parting line and structures are also well made in China such as the automotive dashboard injection mold. 

  But for now, Chinese mold makers meet another problem,  high cost increase for the land renting each year, high cost for man power cost each year, higher marketing requirement and customer asking, and the young workers who don't want to work in the manufacturing industries.   Currently almost all the mold makers don't have the capacity which can make the ultra-precision injection mold with micrometers level dimension tolerance and wall thickness.  but it is huge volume needed for the IC , CPU and medical devices.  Asia Billion is a small company , but we are a leader for the new technologies , we are trying our best to learn some unique technologies in China such as LDS Injection molding and IR transmitting injection molding and some others. we also have experience to make the very tiny feature part which just have 0.15mm wall thickness and 0.25mm diameter  a lot of through holes.   these challange and trying make us to the new upper level comparing most of the Chinese  injection mold makers. 

Asia Billion mold plant overview:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

  Asia Billion here can be your one stop supplier for high precise, high complex plastic injection moulding tools and molding mass production .   Contact us freely if you have any RFQ or troubles for your current project. 

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