China Precision Plastic Injection Mold maker

China Precision Plastic Injection Mold maker

Asia Billion is a China precision plastic injection mold maker for Germany market.each year we have more than 100 sets for the precision injection molding projects for global market.we also can cooperate with you for your project.

Product Details

  Asia Billion is a Chinese high precision plastic injection mold maker for Germany market. This project is a PA6 resin plastic with critical dimension control and special engraving surface finishing part. it is used for a famous brand in Germany for home applicant plastic components.


Project details as below :



Precision Plastic Injection mold

Core surface finish:

Special engraving

Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

Special engraving

No of Cavities:

1x2 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:

8407 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:

8407 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

2 half to half sliders

Lead time for FOT:

7 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

1 000 000

Total Mold Price Totally:

EUR 25000


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) High precision injection mold with general tolerance to +/-0.05mm

2)    Special engraving made by laser cutting and 5 axis CNC milling, sharp edge radius much be less than 0.075mm

3)   Food grade material and good toughness

4)   High volume production for 1 million parts per year

5)  outside screw for sliders with very light parting line

6) Inside automatic unscrewing mold


     Asia Billion is a high qualified China precision plastic injection mold maker as well as the precision injection molding, silicone molding and metal precision machining in Shenzhen south of China, more than half of our production are high precision injection molding or tight tolerance project, we are ISO 9001 certified and accord to the TS 16949 standard to control our manufacturing process with PPAP capacity for your project. Lower price and high quality with good customer service is our biggest advantages comparing with our competitors


Asia Billion Mold Workshop Overview:

Asia Billion Precision Injection Mold Workshop Overview  

Precision Plastic Injection mold Characteristics

    Precision plastic parts have replaced high-precision metals in the fields of machinery, electronics, instruments, communications, automotive and aerospace, because they meet the requirements of high precision and have good mechanical, mechanical and dimensional stability. Parts have been widely used, and today I learn to learn about precision injection molding with modern precision.

1. Precision injection molding products and molding characteristics

   In the plastics industry, precision plastic products commonly include digital camera parts, optical electronic products, connectors, lenses, light guides, movement gears, optical discs, mobile phone accessories, etc. Are each dimensional tolerance of precision products below 0.01 mm? The answer is no.

The main features of precision injection molding are:

(1) The dimensional accuracy of the parts is high and the tolerance range is small, that is, there are high-precision dimensional limits. The dimensional deviation of precision plastic parts will be not more than 0.05 mm, and some even as small as micron, and the inspection tools depend on the projector.

(2) The repeat-ability of the product is high. The main performance is that the weight deviation of the work piece is small, and the weight deviation is usually below 0.7%.

(3) The material of the mold is good, the rigidity is sufficient, the dimensional accuracy of the cavity, the smoothness and the positioning accuracy between the templates are high.

(4) Using precision injection machine equipment.

(5) Using precision injection molding process to accurately control mold temperature, molding cycle, work piece weight, and molding production process.

(6) Select materials suitable for precision injection molding, such as PPS, PPA, LCP, PC, PMMA, PA, POM, PBT, engineering materials with glass fiber or carbon fiber.

2. The main factors of precision injection molding

   To inject precision plastic injection molding products, material selection, mold design and processing, injection molding process, molding personnel's technical level and precision injection molding machine, five factors are indispensable. The precision of precision plastic parts includes dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and surface precision, which correspond to dimensional tolerances, shape tolerances and surface roughness, respectively. The dimensional accuracy is an important manufacturing and use quality index of plastic parts.

The main precision controls are:

(1) Shrinkage characteristics of molding materials, using plastics with high dimensional stability

The shrinkage property of plastic is one of the inherent characteristics of plastics. It plays an important role in the dimensional stability and precision of plastic parts. The shrinkage characteristics of plastics include the thermal shrinkage, elastic recovery, plastic deformation, post-shrinkage and aging shrinkage of plastics. . It is expressed as a change in linear shrinkage and volume shrinkage that occurs during the molding process and during use, and is usually expressed as a shrinkage characteristic value.

(2) mold design and machining accuracy

A, the material of the precision mold

In the production of cavities, the material of the runners must undergo strict heat treatment. It is necessary to select alloy steel with high mechanical strength, or high hardness (molding parts to reach about HRC 48-52), good wear resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

B, Work-ability and rigidity

In the design of the mold structure, the number of cavities should not be too much, and the bottom plate, the support plate and the cavity wall should be thicker to avoid the strong elastic deformation of the parts under high temperature and high pressure.

C, product release

The mold should try to take a small number of cavities, a small and short flow path and a higher finish than the ordinary mold, which is beneficial to demoulding.

D, The precision of the plastic injection moulding parts

   It mainly depends on the dimensional accuracy of the mold cavity, the positioning accuracy of the cavity, and the accuracy of the parting surface. The criterion for judging is whether the design of the plastic part is easy to process, whether the filling property of the mold gate is good, whether the cooling system of the mold can uniformly cool the mold, and the like. The dimensional tolerances of general precision injection molds should be controlled below 13 for product dimensional tolerances.

(3) Temperature, humidity and size creep of the product use environment

The ability of the part to remain undisturbed in an environment that withstands external forces or changes in temperature is better.

(4) Injection molding equipment - replace the conventional injection molding machine with a precision injection molding machine

   The precision injection molding machine is an injection machine with closed-loop control of injection glue. Usually, the injection pressure and injection speed of the injection molding machine are controlled by closed loop. The so-called closed-loop control, also called feedback control, refers to the detection of the component pairs in the control system. The output signal of the control system is detected, and the detection signal is transmitted to the controller, and the controller performs arithmetic processing on the detection signal, so that the output signal is consistent with the output signal required by the system, so that the output signal is closer to the expected value, and the system output deviation The smallest.

   Simply put, closed-loop control is an automatic adjustment control that is closer to the desired value. Due to the injection closed-loop control, the injection molding machine greatly improves the repeatability and stability of the injection molding, reduces the dimensional fluctuation of the workpiece, and improves the dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability of the workpiece. The injection molding machine needs to realize closed-loop control. For hydraulic injection molding machines, servo valves must be used to achieve closed-loop control of hydraulic system pressure and flow. In addition to servo valves, the ultra-precision injection molding machine also uses servo control boards, servo control boards and computer control systems to further improve the repeatability of hydraulic system output pressure and flow, and achieve ultra-precision injection molding.

   Compared with hydraulic injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines have great advantages in achieving full-closed injection control. The computer motion controller of the all-electric injection molding machine controls and drives the servo motor, and then logically operates the signal fed back from the sensor through the logic controller to realize the full closed loop of the injection molding action including injection, plasticization, opening and closing mode and thimble action. Control, position control can reach 0.01mm, the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece is higher, and the stability and repeatability of the machine are much higher.

(5) Using precision molding process

   The precision molding process is mainly a process method realized on a precision injection molding machine, mainly adopting multi-stage injection molding and precisely controlling the mold temperature. Multi-stage injection molding means that in an injection process, when the screw advances the melt to the mold, the requirement is realized. Control of process parameters such as different injection speeds and different injection pressures at different locations.

  Asia Billions surpass more than 90% china Precision Plastic Injection Mold makers, we have the precision mold making capacity for 0.005 mm general tolerance.  if you need a good supplier , please contact us freely .

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