Worm Plastic Gear Mold

Worm Plastic Gear Mold

We can help you develop varies plastic gear and plastic gear injection mold, we are ISO 9001 ad IATF16949 quality certified with more than 10 years high precision injection mold and molding production manufacturing for global market.This project is the worm plastic gear mold making project which come from our Japanese customer and end customer is a worldwide famous company with headquarter in Europe. Please contact us freely if Asia Billion can help you for your plastic gear project too.

Product Details

Asia Billion mould is a high quality and high cost-effective plastic gear mold and plastic connector injection mold manufacturer in South China. We service many global leading companies for their precision injection tooling and molding demanding. This project is a worm plastic gear mold making project for Asia Billion at 5 years ago, due to the patent protection and NDA, we can't show the pictures until the protection time is expired.  The material is PA66  from Dupont. 4 cavities mold with hot runner system.

Production details:  


plastic gear mold

Core surface  finish:


Production     Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

6 cavity

Injection System

Hot runner

Core Material:

S136 stainless steel with hardening

Type of gating:

3 points pin point gate

Cavity Material:

S136 stainless steel with hardening

Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

6 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

500 000


Product Characters:

1) High precision control for the mold steel dimension with 0.003mm tolerance

2) Special plastic gear injection molding

3) Production and samples need to pass the gear standard and gear inspection machine

4) It need strong strength because it is worm plastic gear and need to drive the other part.

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion is a small but high quality manufacture in China, we learn and try to be the same level with Germany and Japanese companies, we aim to be the leader in our industry. We also use the use working methods and working mind as western companies too.

2) Asia Billion are the one of fewer professional plastic gear injection mold manufactures in China with excellent quality.  this plastic gear mold project is the good example and not many mold makers in China have this capacity.

3)  Cost efficiency and excellent quality, Asia Billion can save your cost up to 50% comparing with Germany and Japanese companies with similar quality and less project lead time.


Asia Billion Injection tooling quality control:


Asia Billion Injection Tooling Quality Control


   Worm gears are used for large gear reduction. The transmission ratio ranges from 5:1 to 300:1 or more. The purpose of the setting is to allow the worm to turn the gear, but the gear cannot turn the worm. The angle of the worm is shallow, so the gear is kept in place due to friction between the two. Worm gear mechanism is commonly used to transfer the motion and power between two intersecting shafts. The worm gear and the worm are equivalent to gears and racks in the middle plane, and the worm and the screw are similar in shape.

  If you want to get a larger gear reduction ratio, you need to use a worm gear. Many worm gears have a feature that other gear sets do not have: the worm can easily turn the gear, but the gear cannot turn the worm. This is because the protrusion angle on the screw is very shallow. When the gear tries to rotate the screw, the friction between the gear and the screw will keep the screw in place.

The correct engagement of the worm gear:

1. The modulus and pressure angle of the worm and the worm wheel in the middle plane are equal, that is, the end face modulus of the worm wheel is equal to the axial face modulus of the worm and is a standard value; the end face pressure angle of the worm gear should be equal to the axial face pressure angle of the worm and is standard value.

2. When the interleaving angle of the worm gear is equal to that, it must be ensured, and the spiral direction of the worm gear and the worm must be the same.

Worm gear material:

   Worm gears are usually cast tin bronze and aluminum iron bronze; low speed and unimportant transmission can be made of cast iron or plastic materials. The product shown in the picture in this article is the product of worm plastic gear mold.

Cast iron bronze: good friction, good adhesion resistance, expensive, and slightly lower strength.

Cast aluminum iron bronze: anti-friction and anti-gluing are slightly worse, but the strength is high and the price is both.

Cast iron: gray; nodular. To carry out aging treatment to prevent deformation.

Characteristics of the worm gear mechanism:

1. A large transmission ratio can be obtained, which is more compact than the staggered shaft helical gear mechanism

2. There is linear contact between the meshing tooth surfaces of the two wheels, and its load carrying capacity is much higher than that of the staggered shaft helical gear mechanism

3. Worm drive is equivalent to helical drive, which is a multi-tooth mesh drive, so the transmission is stable and the noise is very small

4. Self-locking. When the lead angle of the worm is less than the equivalent friction angle between the teeth of the meshing wheel, the mechanism is self-locking, which can realize reverse self-locking, that is, the worm can only be driven by the worm, but not by the worm. For examples, the self-locking worm mechanism used in its heavy machinery, its reverse self-locking can play a role in safety protection.

5. The transmission efficiency is low and the wear is serious. When the worm gear is engaged in the transmission, the relative sliding speed between the teeth of the meshing gear is large, so the friction loss is large and the efficiency is low. On the other hand, the relative sliding speed ambassador has serious tooth surface wear and serious heat generation. In order to dissipate heat and reduce wear, more expensive materials with good friction reduction and wear resistance and good lubrication devices are often used, so the cost is higher. .

6. The axial force of the worm is large.

Determination of the direction of worm gear rotation:

  Determine the direction of rotation of the worm or worm wheel: erect the axis of the worm wheel or worm, the right side of the spiral is right-handed, and the left side is left-handed.

Judging steering: right-handed using the right-hand rule, the active worm is right-handed. Hold the worm with four fingers of the right hand and follow the steering of the worm. The direction of the thumb is opposite to the nodal speed of the worm gear to determine the steering of the worm gear. If you want to judge the rotation direction of a gear, you can lay the gear in front of you and see the direction of the teeth. If the left is high and the right is low, it is left-handed.

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