Bevel Plastic Gear Injection Mold

Bevel Plastic Gear Injection Mold

Asia Billion is a high quality custom plastic injection mold manufacture for exported market. we make many plastic gear molds for our global customer and it will be one of our main business for later. This project is the bevel plastic gear injection mold making for our customer. we made the mold only , provide the samples to customer for inspection and testing until the samples are approved ok for mass production ,and then ship the mold to our customer plant for mass production. Please let us know freely if you need an excellent plastic gear injection tooling partner too.

Product Details

Asia Billion mould is a high quality and high Cost-effective precision injection mold maker and injection molding company. The plastic gear and plastic gear business are our main business, both of these 2 industries are high quality and high precision. This project is the bevel plastic gear injection mold making project for our Japanese customer.  Totally are 6 sets mold and material are POM resin.

Production details:  


plastic gear mold

Core surface  finish:


Production     Material:


Cavity surface finish:


No of Cavities:

2 cavity

Injection System

Hot runner

Core Material:

S136 stainless steel with hardening

Type of gating:

pin point gate

Cavity Material:

S136 stainless steel with hardening

Ejection system:

Ejector pin

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

6 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

500 000


Product Characters:

1) Very high precision machining for the mold steel which need 0.003mm tolerance

2) Plastic molding gear project and most injection mold makers don't have this capacity

3) Production and samples need to pass the gear standard and gear inspection

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion is the expert for high precision injection mold, we have the good machine and technology for mold machining which can up to 0.003 mm. It is one of the important reason why we can make the bevel plastic gear injection mold

2) Asia Billion have the critical quality standard and we inspect each step machining dimension by the necessary measurement machines. we don't let the not good parts go to te next step.


Asia Billion Injection tooling quality control:


Asia Billion Injection Tooling Quality Control


The tooth shape of the spiral bevel gear is circular arc shape, and it is generally tapered, the shape is like an umbrella shape, so it is called spiral bevel gear; it is a very important accessory in all major mechanical equipment, all aspects of the performance of the bevel gear is also very good. Commonly used for motion and power transmission between two intersecting shafts. The teeth of the bevel gear are distributed on the surface of a cone, and the tooth shape gradually decreases from the large end to the small end.

Spiral bevel gear is a transmission part with stable transmission ratio and stable, low noise transmission. It has different names in different regions. It is also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gear, and spiral bevel gears, etc.

The bevel gear is also divided into spur gear and helical gear according to the direction of the tooth. Here Asia Billion as a professional bevel plastic gear injection mold manufacturer, we will introduce more details for your reference.

Characteristics of bevel gear:

1. Made of high-strength materials, usually made of metal and plastic

2. High precision and good contact

 3. High carrying capacity

 4. High transmission efficiency

 5 Long life

  The spiral bevel gear has high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high load capacity, smooth and smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise.

   Among various mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gears is the highest, which has great economic benefits for various transmissions, especially high-power transmissions; the transmission pair of transmission parts required when transmitting the same torque is the most space-saving. The space required for chain transmission is small; the transmission ratio of spiral bevel gears is permanently stable. Stable transmission ratio is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of various mechanical equipment; spiral bevel gears work reliably and have a long life.

   Spiral bevel gears are widely used in oilfield petrochemical machinery, various machine tools, various mechanical processing equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, steel rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mine machinery, textile machinery, marine machinery, marine industry, aerospace, forklifts at home and abroad , Elevators, reducers, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries. The bevel gear is used in a variety of machinery and equipment, showing its excellent performance. It is well received by aerospace equipment manufacturing plant, shipbuilding shipyard, engineering machinery plant, metallurgical equipment plant, steel rolling spare parts plant, steel rolling machinery plant, steel rolling plant, Metallurgical Machinery Plant, Mining Machinery Plant, Coal Mine Machinery Plant, Oilfield Petrochemical Machinery Plant, Textile Machinery Plant, Machine Tool Plant, Equipment Company, Elevator Company, Aircraft Manufacturing Plant, Reducer Plant, Coal Mining Machinery Plant, Light Industry Machinery Plant, Steel Rolling Plant , Steel rolling equipment factory, metallurgical equipment factory and other customers


  Please let Asia Billion know freely if we can help you for your plastic gear tooling development and molding project.

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