Plastic Injection Mold Factory

Plastic Injection Mold Factory

Asia Billion is a Hong Kong registered plastic injection mold factory with plant in China. we use the same quality standard and control with the developed countries companies. and we mainly service for this market too. there are a lot of difference level plastic injection mold factory in China from several people shop to world famous plant. of course , the quality and service is quite difference too. many companies have some bad or good experience in the china mold sourcing market

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Asia Billion is a Hong Kong registered plastic injection mold maker with plant in China. we use the same quality standard and control with the developed countries companies.  and we mainly service for this market too. there are a lot of difference level plastic injection mold factory in China from several people shop to world famous plant. of course , the quality and service is quite difference too. many companies have some bad or good experience in the china mold sourcing market. about this,Asia Billion will sort it out and share with you:

How to choose a good plastic injection mold supplier ?

  If you volume is really very low such has just 50 parts. we suggest to using the CNC machining or 3D printing technology to make them. it is cheap and much faster.  but when you need thousands part or more, you may need to make a prototype mold to run the small volume production at first.   when you go the mold process, the below letters will be very important for you to choose good mold factory . 

(1) Which kind of mold factory is better?

At present, many foreign-funded, Hong Kong-Taiwan-funded, and domestic private mold factories are available for selection in the market; 

The advantages and disadvantages of various qualified mold factories are as follows:

A. Foreign-funded mold factory management specifications, process improvement, ideals, quality and service are guaranteed; but high cost of management and profit, means that mold making costs will be relatively high; if you mainly pay attention to product quality assurance, the company In the case of strong financial strength, it is recommended that the first choice is a large-scale foreign mold factory! However, in the reality of the industry, the large-scale foreign-funded mold factories generally have fixed large customers, and they are less likely to face orders from small and medium-sized enterprises. Even if orders are received, the quotation price is often same with the international market. Many small and medium-sized finished products are difficult to accept. Withstand, a set of sophisticated large-scale molds cost millions of dollars, which is the direct cause of many small and medium-sized finished products companies to be discouraged! The market is mainly medium and high-grade molds, such as ultra long-life molds and ultra-high precision molds. these type mold makers in China are mainly near Shanghai area, such as Sushou, Wuxi,Changzhou.

B. Most of the domestic private plastic injection mold factories were founded by the first batch of people who entered foreign-funded enterprises to work and learn the mold industry after China's reform and opening up. It is regarded as a rising star in the mold industry. Such enterprises have a congenital biggest advantage because The cost of materials and the cost of management are low. The price of molds and the price of products are definitely cheaper than those of foreign-funded, Taiwan-funded and Hong Kong-funded enterprises, and they often attract the attention of many mold purchasers. However, the domestic mold factories are often mixed, and the same mold offer can be more than three times price different, which often causes great confusion for the purchasers. The top mold companies in China are basically close to the capacity and level of foreign-funded enterprises, but their prices are even more expensive than foreign companies. generally, the small to middle size and precision mold makers are near the Pearl River Delta of China such as Dongguan , Shenzhen, Zhongshan , Zhuhai and so on. this area mold makers always do the electronic and automotive industry for middle level mold.   and the second area is at Zhejiang area such as Ning Bo, Taizhou and so on.   Zhejiang area mold makers always can make the no-precision large size mold and high volume commodity production mold.  

C. Hong Kong and Taiwan Mould Factory, this kind of enterprise mainly come from  Taiwan and Hong Kong in the 1990s. Because of industry expertise and following their customers to open factories in the mainland, the business philosophy and time are also higher than domestic private, processing equipment is relatively good, the price Also between the foreign mold factory and the domestic private mold factory. Mainly manufacturing medium and high-grade molds. However in the current economic environment and the cost of manufacturing in China's coastal areas has risen sharply, a large number of Hong Kong and Taiwan mold factories have chosen to close or transfer to countries such as Southeast Asia,  there are not many mold factories left,  most of them have stable client.

(2) Looking for a large-scale mold factory cooperation is better? Large, medium or small?

  In this regard, depending on the situation, if you only consider the factory scale, you will definitely choose the larger the better, because the scale is big and strong! The size of the scale also indirectly reflects the high and low degree of choice by customers! But on the other hand, the larger the scale, the higher the management cost and the price advantage will not be obvious or no. The price of a large foreign-funded mold factory is simply unacceptable, even exceeding our customer cost budget. Do the mold factory see you as a key or important customer ? this factory is very important. In fact, looking for a supplier is like looking for an object, but also paying attention to the door, if your own company is not very strong and big. The purchase volume is not very high, blindly choose the large-scale mold factory cooperation, the money spent , but still do not take you as important thing, at present many large mold factories are not responsible for the small orders or not put enough attention for your project, because you can't meet their requirements in terms of order amount or order quantity.

  In this case, most people will choose small and medium-sized mold factories. In fact, everyone in the industry is now doing this. After all, the price of molds and products is more acceptable, and this is the cost saving for the purchaser and easy to show to management team how much they save for them. But soon you will find that the worrying thing is coming again. Can the mold be completed on time and in good quality? What is the mass production condition of the mold? What is the life of the mold? At this time, it is recommended to pay attention to a basic common sense, that is that why we must choose a complete mold factory with complete equipment, they must have a matching precision CNC machining center. Wire cutting. EDM mirror spark machine. High-speed high-precision injection molding machine, CMM, Projector for processing, production and testing.   it is the normal way to control the dimension measuring and quality; There is a need to look for outsourcing processing which has three main negative consequences:

2.1. The cost and cost of your mold opening will increase;

2.2. It is the time it takes for the mold factory to repeatedly communicate and coordinate the transfer of the workpiece during the outsourcing process, which will lengthen the cycle of the mold, which will easily lead to delays in the mold and product, although the relevant delay clauses will be indicated in the purchase agreement or contract. In the event of a delay, the penalty does not pay for the actual and long-term losses of the company, and will cause the purchaser and project manager to sit on the hot steel.

2.3 The most terrible thing is the third point. The entire process of outsource processing of the mold factory cannot be monitored in a timely manner. The processing is often a roadside processing store with only one or two second-hand equipment smaller than the mold factory. “Standardized management , process control, quality awareness, etc. Everything is a just talk or nothing  ! Many molds that look good at the end will be scrapped in advance due to the sloppy, barbaric operation, repeated welding and other means and processing methods of these roadside processing shops.  Therefore, Asia Billion caution you not to just concern the low price and the bad mold manufacturers !

(3) How to effectively reduce the cost of purchasing molds?

  First of all, you need to know the amount of expected orders for new products to the marketing staff. Is it huge? In the development review stage of new products, if the order quantity is not expected to reach 500,000 or more, it is recommended not to hardening mold (usually used for mass production of molds), directly open the soft mold or pre-hard mold, if the market reaction is not good, it will be omitted. Some unnecessary costs of opening the hard mold; if the sales market of the later products is opened and the demand for products increases sharply, the second set of hard molds can be opened at any time during the first set of mass production, that is Copying the mold, this will not affect the production and shipment progress of the product, and there is a obvious advantage: the mold factory will summarize the design and production experience during the first mold opening process. There will be a lot of improvement when using the second set of molds. Even if you don't ask for it, the mold factory will undoubtedly take the initiative to do it, because they will take less detours and make the  mold more perfectly; on the other hand, if the unknown product is expected to be ordered from the beginning of the product project, it will only increase your mold at least 25% Cost; in addition the mold cost needs to be taken into account in the engineering design stage. For example, the steel material used as the core of S136, 8407, etc. and the selection of the 3 plates mold and the hot runner will increase the cost of the mold too. Of course, if the product requirements are higher or the customer specifies what kind of material is required to be used, except for the process.

  In addition, we need to communicate with the engineers who design, try to do the whole set of products DFM, we need to simplify the product as much as possible to meet the product function and appearance requirements, so that we can get good benefits. For example a plastic case, the current design requires 2 sliders and 3 lifters. By optimizing the design, only one slider and one lifter are required. Other original structures are adjusted by product design, optimization can greatly reduce the cost of the mold. Because the structure of the mold and the special structure is an important reason for the high cost of the mold. If you don't know the mold very well, you can ask the supplier's mold engineer to join the meeting after the initial development of the product to complete the design optimization more efficiently.

(4) How to choose the right mold factory, we must pay attention to the following points:

4.1. Never blindly believe in low purchase prices. As the saying goes: a penny is worth the price. The low price is often hidden behind some traps that are not known to us. you must know that any mold factory has to pay rent cost,  pay for water and electricity, material cost, employee salary and  profits? it is basic cost and no body can do the mold lower the mold price if they don't do some cheat things.    Here we have another example for you reference , if you have one part to get the mold price for 10  mold factories.  which is the reasonable and trust for yo u?  it is the average cost of all the suppliers. the cost which is far from this level should  be not your target suppliers.

4.2. Look for a full equipment mold factory, preferably a medium-sized mold factory with perfect quality and management. If you are exporting molds, it must fully understand the export of Hasco, DME, etc., have perfect sales and After-sales service.

4.3. Finally, it is recommended to integrate the situation and characteristics of the mold factory when selecting the mold factory. It will make reasonable choices with the various departments of the company after objectively evaluating the demand for molds and products, and at the same time, they need to enjoy strict supplier audit. It may achieve a satisfactory result!

  Asia Billion are a middle size professional plastic injection mold factory as well as metal machined components in South China .Our stability quality, reasonable price and good service has given our customer a big confidence to new production development and market competition . ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 compliance, we will be your perfect supplier for your plastic injection mold and molding project of the small and middle size companies. If you have any RFQ, please feel free to contact us.

Asia Billion factory overview:

Asia Billion Plastic Injection mould tooling factory overview

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