PEI Plastic Injection Molding China

PEI Plastic Injection Molding China

Asia Billion is a professional (polyetherimide) PEI plastic injection molding china company for global market.this item is for Military and Aerospace Plastic Injection molding device. It is used for the airplane electronic device and have good performance for the temperature, corrosion preventive and electromagnetic wave and x-ray. let us know freely if we can do something for you too.

Product Details

 Polyetherimide - PEI plastic injection molding China technology professional manufacture --Asia Billion.this project is for Military and Aerospace Plastic Injection molding device.  It is used for the airplane electronic device and have good performance for the temperature, corrosion preventive and electromagnetic wave.

Project details as below :


Military And  Aerospace Plastic Injection mould

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

High polish and texture

No of Cavities:

1 x 2 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:

H13 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

Sub gate

Cavity Material:

H13 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejection pin

Slider material:

4 pcs sliders

Lead time for FOT:

5 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Total Mold Price:

USD 10000


Asia Billion


 Product Characters:

1) Polyetherimide plastic injection molding

2)    Special engineering plastic molding resin

3)   Texture mixture some high polish areas at the same time

4)   Good performance for some special testing, such as X-ray resistance

     Asia Billion is a professional Plastic Injection mould manufacture in Shenzhen south of China, we are ISO 9001 certified and accord to the TS 16949 standard to control our manufacturing process. If you have any project , Please contact us freely for you project.

Asia Billion plastic Injection Molding process:

Asia Billion plastic injection molding process

Asia Billion Engineering and Project control Capacity:

Asia Billion plastic injection molding plant overview

Asia Billion molding Quality Control:

Asia Billion molding quality control

Polyetherimide plastic material characters and applications:

  Polyetherimide referred to as PEI, is an amber transparent solid with inherent flame retardancy and low smoke without any additives. The oxygen index is 47% and the burning grade is UL94-V-0. The density is 1.28~1.42g/cm3. PEI has a very high temperature stability, even for non-reinforced PEI, it has good toughness and strength. Therefore, the superior thermal stability of PEI can be used to fabricate high temperature heat resistant devices. It has excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can pass through microwave. PEI also has good flame retardancy, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. The glass transition temperature is very high, reaching 215 °C. PEI also has very low shrinkage and good isotropic mechanical properties. Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other fillers can achieve the purpose of enhanced modification; it can also be combined with other engineering plastics to form a heat-resistant polymer alloy, which can be used for a long time at an operating temperature of -160 to 180 °C.

PEI physical properties:

1): PEI is a thermoplastic engineering resin with excellent stability

2): One outstanding performance of PEI resin is the ability to withstand long periods of high temperature testing. This high thermal resistance, combined with excellent flammability and UL laboratory accreditation, makes PEI resins meet the demanding requirements of high temperature applications.

3): (Extensibility) PEI resin not only has unparalleled high strength and high modulus, but also has outstanding ductility. Its yield stretch extends its freedom to incorporate a variety of snap fit designs that are easy to assemble. PEI 2100 resin maintains ductility from sub-zero to 200 ° C even with only 10% glass fiber reinforcement.

4): (Impact strength) PEI 1000 resin has excellent practical impact resistance. Since PEI resins show notch sensitivity, it is recommended to follow standard design guidelines. The application of concentrated points (such as sharp corners) in injection molded parts should be minimized to provide maximum impact strength. PEI AT*100 resin is designed for applications requiring high impact performance. This series of notched Izod impacts can reach 15km/mз.

5): (Fatigue resistance) Fatigue is a lifelong design consideration for cyclic loading or swinging components.

6): (creep behavior) When considering the mechanical properties of any thermoplastic, designers must be aware of the effects of temperature, stress levels and load duration on material properties. Even at temperatures and stress levels where many other thermoplastics cannot be used, PEI resins show excellent creep resistance.

7): PEI resin has excellent electrical properties and can be stable under a wide range of environmental conditions. Together with thermal and mechanical properties, PEI resins are ideal for demanding electronic and electrical applications.

8) (relative dielectric constant) Although the application may require a high or low absolute value of the relative dielectric constant, it is more important that these values remain stable over the entire operating temperature and/or frequency range.

PEI resin is a high performance amorphous engineering thermoplastic.

PEI resin has inherent flame retardancy and low smoke generation. Some grades of resin have a rating of UL 94V-0* at a thickness of 0.25 mm. Other grades of resin exhibit high dielectric constant and high dissipation factor over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies.

As an amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide, PEI resin combines high performance with excellent processing characteristics to combine high heat resistance with high strength, modulus and extensive chemical resistance.

Polyetherimide main features:

1. The PEI Chinese name (polyetherimide) is an amber transparent solid with good flame retardancy and low smoke, and the burning grade is UL94-V-0.

2, PEI has a strong high temperature stability. High temperature resistance, thermal deformation temperature of 220 ° C, can be used for a long time at -160 to 180 ° C operating temperature.

3, hydrolytic stability is very good, high temperature resistance, steam resistance;

4. Polyetherimide has good UV and Y-ray resistance.


Due to its excellent balance performance, PEI is effectively used in industrial sectors such as electronics, motors and aerospace, and as a substitute for metal for traditional products and cultural goods. Fabrication of fiber optic connectors with PEI instead of metal optimizes component construction, simplifies manufacturing and assembly steps, and maintains more accurate dimensions. Used in automotive applications such as high temperature connectors, high power lights and indicators, sensors that control the temperature outside the cabin (air conditioning temperature sensor), and sensors that control the temperature of the air and fuel mixture (effective combustion temperature sensor). It can also be used as a vacuum pump impeller for high temperature lubricating oil erosion, a ground glass joint for a steamer operated at 180 °C, a mirror for non-illuminated anti-fog lamps.

  Asia Billion learn a lot from our old projects of polyetherimide manufacturing, now we become the expert for the professional PEI Plastic Injection Molding China fewer suppliers.  no matter if you have any question for material selection, production design or plastic molding issues about polyetherimide and its modified engineering material , you can contact Asia Billion freely and we can be your strong back support.

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