Vaccine Syringe Plastic Injection Mold

Vaccine Syringe Plastic Injection Mold

Asia Billion is a high quality medical plastic injection mold maker in China for global market. This is a vaccine syringe plastic injection mold project for our Indian customer and their China local plant. The material is medical Grade PP and TPE from USA for syringe production only. If you are trying to find a good medical plastic mold partner for your project, Asia Billion will be glad to help you.

Product Details

Asia Billion is an expert for the medical device plastic injection mold company and manufacturer. From the beginning of our company found, we had finished more than 1000 sets difference medical plastic injection mold for varies equipment.  This project come from our Indian customer who has the plant in China too.  We made this vaccine syringe plastic injection mold project for them and then transfer the mold to their China local plant for mass production.  Totally are 4 sets  mold. All the mold are 32 cavities. 

Production details:  


medical plastic injection mold

Core surface  finish:

High Polishing

Production  Material:

Medical Grade PP and TPE

Cavity surface finish:

High Polishing

No of Cavities:

 32 cavities

Injection System

Hot  runner

Core Material:

S136 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

sub gate & edge gate

Cavity Material:

S136 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejector pin and ejector sleeve 

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Mold base material:

420 stainless steel

Shot life:

1 000 000


Product Characters:

1)  It is a very urgent project for this special time of the coronavirus spreading control. we need to finished this project within 40 days from design to mass production.

2) All the parts are medical grade PP and TPE , they are recycled and biodegradable resin

3) 32 cavities plastic injection mold for high volume mass production which the cycle time is just 10 seconds, daily production output can reach to 260K pcs syringe

4) full stainless steel mold , the core and cavity steel are ASSAB S136 and mold base steel are 420SS stainless steel which can meet the highest standard of FDA Medical grade as SPI class 101 mold standard

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion can finish this project with short lead time and excellent production quality and cycle time

2) Side gate hot runner technology are used for this project and it is very fewer mold makers who have this experience and technology

3) Cost efficient and can save you cost at least up to 20 to 30 % comparing with your local suppliers.


  Asia Billion injection tooling quality control:

Asia Billion Plastic Injection mold quality control


  Syringe is a common medical appliance for medical injection. As early as the 15th century, Italian person Catinel proposed the principle of syringes. The needle is mainly used to draw or inject gas or liquid. Syringes can also be used for medical equipment, containers, and scientific instruments such as some chromatography to inject through the rubber septum.

  The appearance of the syringe is a revolution in the field of medical device. The process of drawing and injecting gas or liquid with a needle is called injection. The syringe consists of a needle barrel with a small hole in the front end and a matching piston rod. It is used to inject or draw a small amount of liquid or others that cannot be accessed by other methods. When the core rod is pulled out, the liquid or gas is sucked in from the small hole at the front of the syringe, and the liquid or gas is pushed out when the core rod is pushed in.

  The syringe barrel can be made of plastic or glass, and usually has a scale indicating the volume of liquid in the syringe. Glass syringes can be sterilized with an autoclave, but because the processing cost of plastic syringes is lower, most modern medical syringes are made of plastic injection molding, which further reduces the risk of blood-borne diseases. In the past few years, Asia Billion has developed more than 20 sets of special plastic injection mold for syringes for our customers, including our current vaccine syringe plastic injection mold.

Common specifications and models:

  Generally use 2ml, 5ml, 10ml or 20ml syringes, occasionally 50ml or 100ml. In recent years, product design styles are also more diverse. 

  Although Asia Billion is just a mold maker , but we add our experience and thinking in the production which can take you more added value.  Asia Billion also know well for the ISO 13485 medical quality standard and some FDA standard, we can help you easier and realize your production from design to mass production faster and more cost efficiency.  In the special Covid-19 time, Asia Billion take our social responsibility and want to help as more people as possible, we can sell the vaccine syringe plastic injection mold or other urgent medical device plastic injection mold with cost price and we will take zero profit and would like to support you.  Please contact us freely if we can do something for you !

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