Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mould

Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mould

Asia Billion is a high quality manufacture for hot runner plastic injection mould as well as cold runner mold too. we hope to be your long time supplier for the tooling and moldng project too.

Product Details

We can help you for the hot runner plastic injection mould as well as the cold runner injection tools and plastic molding mass production.   We start the business at 2010 years and until now 10 years past , we become more professional for the innovative plastic tooling and molding industry.   This project is 8 cavities half to half slider deep core production with hot runner. You can see the pictures for more details.


  For injection molding production companies, hot runner injection molding is mainly used to save materials and shorten the molding cycle, thereby it can significantly improving production efficiency. Today Asia Billion introduce you to a special hot runner that we use-side gate hot runner. It is reference as SG hot runner system.


  According to the product application, if direct side gate is adopted, the optimized hot runner has obvious advantages in all aspects than the cold runner. The side gate system can effectively improve the overall performance of the mold and hot runner. At the same time, the side gate solution can save raw materials, improve the molding cycle time, reduce subsequent processes (including waste) and simplify the ejection process.


  The direct side gate solution is suitable for deep and long-shaped products with limited top-feeding space, as well as small parts formed by hot / cold runners or completely formed by cold runners. The hot runner side gate filling has a particularly good effect on deep cavity products, such as products like tubes.


  In order to ensure the synchronization of the opening of the gate when filling plastic on both sides, the runner size of the hot runner needs to be specially designed to optimize the flow balance. In addition, it is also important to ensure the purity and cleanliness of the resin. Although not all contaminants can be eliminated in reality, the contaminants in the hot runner gate must be removed. This is a general difference between the hot runner and the cold runner . The injection molding plant and the mold making plant should repeatedly consider that the injection point cannot be located on the top of the core or close to a very thin core, because this may cause the core to bend or break. A small pressure difference between the two sides of the component can cause the core fail, especially when there is no support.


In the technology, compared with the cold runner side gate, the hot runner side gate system can minimize the pressure loss, and ensure an effective holding pressure during the cooling process of the product without premature gate freezing. . This is very important for crystalline and semi-crystalline materials. And there is no obvious injection point like cold runner side gate, which greatly affects the appearance of the product.


Advantages of hot runner plastic injection mould:


 1. The hot runner is an environmentally friendly product and a high-efficiency product, especially for mass product or a product with high requirements

2. Save time and improve production cycle (can save 30% ~ 40% of product time than traditional mold

3. No injection plastic sprue (no longer recycle waste plastic materials, no secondary processing)

4. It can solve the bad problems of welding lines, flow marks, shrinkage and so on.

5. Improve product consistency and product quality

6. Improve gate appearance

7. Reduce product internal stress and reduce product deformation

8. Improve more processing which can control to make precise adjustments to the injection molding process


The normal hot runner Brands what Asia Billion can works for you:







Mold masters



China local ones



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