Ecg Monitor Plastic Enclosure Mould

Ecg Monitor Plastic Enclosure Mould

this is a ecg monitor plastic enclosure mould and production molding production for our Medical device OEM manufacture in Italy.if you want to find a experience plastic mouding tooling supplier for Electrocardiograph monitor or other medical devices, you can contact us freely .

Product Details

This production is a portable ECG monitor for our medical device customer in Europe.    it is one of our 2018 years' project .  now our customer have medical devices which are under design and development.   Here Asia  Billion make the ecg monitor plastic enclosure mould and 1k molding plastic enclosures within 40 days.  totally are 6 sets mould and one silicone button mold.   The main material is some special medical grade ABS resin. 


Production details:  


medical plastic injection mold

Core surface   finish:

sandpaper polishing 

Production     Material:


Cavity   surface finish:

High polish and Matt finishing

No of   Cavities:

1 and 2

Injection   System

cold runner

Core   Material:

S136H superme ESR stainless steel

Type   of gating:

sub gate

Cavity   Material:

S136H superme ESR stainless

Ejection   system:

ejector pin

Slider   and lifter material:

S136H superme ESR stainless

Lead   time for T1

35 days

Mold   base steel:


Shot   life:

500 000

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion


Product Characters:


1)      medical plstic injection mold and molding for medical devices OEM companies directly.

2)      critical assembly control and impression touching surface finishing 

3)      fast lead time for mould making and the first article samples are ok for initial production

4)      full mold design with stainless steel in order to use this mold up to 15 years

5)     small volume production around 1k per year per order

6)     DDU logistics of the ecg monitor plastic enclosure to our customer's plant for final assmebly and testing

Asia Billion ECG monitor plastic enclosure mould making plant overview:


Asia Billion plant overview

Introduction to Medical ECG Monitor

 The ECG monitor is a commonly used medical monitoring in modern medicine treatment, and it is of great significance to grasp the ECG status of patients in time.


 The ECG monitor can automatically record the bioelectrical signals (ECG signals) generated by the myocardial agitation during cardiac activity, it is a medical electronic instrument commonly used in clinical diagnosis and scientific research.


  Before the heart beats, the myocardium first excites, and a weak current is generated during the excitement, which is transmitted to various parts through the human tissue. Due to the different tissues of each part of the body, and the distance between each part and the heart are different, different potential changes are shown in various parts of the human body surface. ECG. An electrocardiograph is an instrument that records these physiological electrical signals. Generally according to the number of simultaneous output channels of the recorder, it is divided into: single, three, six and twelve ECG machines.

  The heart is the powerhouse of human blood circulation. It is precisely because the heart automatically performs rhythmic contraction and relaxation activities that makes blood flow continuously in the closed circulatory system and maintains life. Before and after the heart beats, the myocardium becomes agitated. During the agitation process, a weak biological current is generated. In this way, every cardiac cycle of the heart is accompanied by changes in bioelectricity. This bioelectrical change can be transmitted to various parts of the body surface. Due to the different tissues of the body and the distance from the heart, the electrical potential of the ECG signal in different parts of the body is also different. For a normal heart, the direction, frequency, and intensity of this bioelectrical change are regular. If the electrical signals of different parts of the body surface are detected by electrodes, then amplified by an amplifier, and recorded by a recorder, an ECG pattern can be obtained. Doctors can diagnose heart disease based on the recorded ECG waveform shape, amplitude, and relative time relationship between the waves, and then compare it with normal ECG. Such as cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, pre-constriction, hypertension, ectopic heartbeat and so on.

  Asia Billion help our global customers to develop so many difference projects in the pasted years, the medical devices are one of our main jobs, each year we made at least up to 50 sets injection mould for medical industry which include the ecg monitor plastic enclosure mould.  we had made for 4 diference tpye ECG monitor plastic enclosures and tooling for our 2 customers, one is in Italy and the other one is at USA.  If you have any medical plastic injection mold tooling or molding project, please contact us freely.

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