Blood Pressure Monitor Plastic Housing Mould

Blood Pressure Monitor Plastic Housing Mould

this project is the Blood pressure Monitor plastic housing mould making project for our China local medical development company. totally are 5 sets mould. the material is ABS and PC alloy material. if you need to find a good partner for your medical device , please let us know freely.

Product Details

this is a quite simple project for the Sphygmomanometer.  because this project is high competition, so the budget for the Blood pressure Monitor plastic housing mould and molding unit price is important for the competitive marketing. Here Asia Billion optimize the customer design with our professional knowledge and help them to save at least 30% of the totally mould spending. it is 8% lower than the target price.after the molds are made , the client run the production and assembly in their own North China plant.

Production details:  


plastic injection tooling

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

MATT finish

No of Cavities:

1 and 2

Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:

LKM   S136H

Type of gating:

sub gate and edge gate

Cavity Material:

LKM   S136H

Ejection system:

ejector pin & ejector lifter

Slider and lifter material:

S136 with hardening

Lead time for T1

35 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

300 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :

LKM Asia Standard


Product Characters:

1)     medical plastic injection molding tool project which need to meet the CFDA mold requirements.

2)      high quality stainless steel for the mold core and cavities.

3)      low volume production per order

4)      Internal angle lifter using to instead of the initial design which need to realize by sliders , it make the  part design structure easy and keep the same function

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  30% cost saving from customer other supplier via design optimization

2)  excellent quality and good vaule for money

3) help customer to win the market competition from our service and engineering capacity


Asia Billion mould tooling plant overview:

                                               Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

   The sphygmomanometer is an instrument for measuring blood pressure, also known as a blood pressure meter. Sphygmomanometers mainly include auscultatory sphygmomanometer and oscillometric sphygmomanometer.The auscultatory sphygmomanometers mainly include: mercury sphygmomanometer, spring-type sphygmomanometer, light-display sphygmomanometer, liquid crystal sphygmomanometer, etc.

The oscillometric method is also called the oscillating method. Its principle is to obtain the oscillating wave generated during the deflation process and convert the blood pressure value through a certain algorithm. Most electronic sphygmomanometers are designed using the principle of oscilloscope.


  In 1835, Julius Elisson invented a simple sphygmomanometer. Later, after continuous improvement and improvement by scientists and doctors, it evolved into a common inflatable sphygmomanometer.


Working principle of sphygmomanometer:

  The main principle of a sphygmomanometer refers to the process of pressurizing air to press local arteries, applying pressure to prevent the pulsation of local arteries, and thus measuring the blood pressure during this period. At present, the commonly used sphygmomanometer is a relatively advanced electronic measurement method developed in the 1990s. Its principle is to automatically adjust the amount of inflation of the cuff tied to the upper arm to change the pressure. , Received by the pressure sensor, and gradually deflate. According to the change of the oscillating wave, the pressure and fluctuation detected by the pressure sensor also change accordingly. Select the time of maximum fluctuation as the reference point. The fluctuation point of is the systolic pressure, and the fluctuation point of looking for a certain value backward is the diastolic pressure. This value will be different for different manufacturers.

  Hope all this information can help you understand how the sphygmomanometer working. if you need to find an experience supplier for blood pressure monitor plastic housing mould making , Asia Billion can be your first choice for you.  contact us freely for any RFQ or question. 

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