Blood Collection Tube Injection Mould

Blood Collection Tube Injection Mould

we can help you develop your medical injection mold woth low cost and excellent quality. this project is a 32 cavities medical blood collection tube injection mould for our Signapore customer.

Product Details

Under the global special epidemic situation, all the medical device and resource is not enough and need to expand very fast.  we have to help one of our old customers to develop the Blood collection tube injection mould, they are the medical device manufacture with FDA certification.  this project must need to launch within 30 days with huge government orders.   we made the first new mold several years ago and it is the copy mold for higher production output. 


Production details:  


medical injection mold

Core surface   finish:

high polishing 

Production   Material:

medical grade PET

Cavity   surface finish:

high polishing

No of   Cavities:


Injection   System

full hot runner

Core   Material:

S136 stainless with HRC48-52

Type   of gating:

pin gate

Cavity   Material:

S136 stainless with HRC48-52

Ejection   system:

ejector stripper plate

Slider and lifter material:


Lead   time for T1

25 days

Mold   base steel:

420SS stainless steel

Shot   life:

1 000 000

Place   of Origin


Supplier   :

Asia Billion


Product Characters:

1)     Deep core and long tube production, it is difficult for the tube inside cooling and demoulding

2)     Fast cycle time around 18 seconds with 32 cavities and excellent quality

3)     Fully automatic running under a robot

4)     mass production in no dust clean room

Asia Billion overview:

Asia Billion company building


  Vacuum blood collection tube is a disposable vacuum tube that can achieve quantitative blood collection. It needs to be used with a venous blood collection needle. Vacuum blood collection tube is mainly composed of a cap, a sealing rubber plug and tube. The tube is usually made by injection molded. The body is then finished by steps such as snapping with a soft rubber cap, vacuuming, and disinfection.

  The principle of the vacuum blood collection tube is to draw the blood collection tube with a cap into different vacuum levels in advance, and use its negative pressure to automatically quantify venous blood samples. Under the action of negative pressure, it is drawn into the blood sample container through the blood collection needle. Under a single venipuncture, multiple tubes can be collected without leakage. The volume of the lumen connected to the blood collection needle is very small, and the effect on the blood collection volume is negligible,the probability of reverse flow is relatively small. If the volume of the lumen is relatively large, it will reducing its collection volume.  for this project what Asia Billion made is the blood collection tube injection mould for the main body tube.

  There are 9 types of vacuum blood collection tubes, which can be easily distinguished according to the color of the cover.

1. Ordinary serum tubes have red caps

2. The quick serum tube is orange-red

3. The inert separation gel promotes the coagulation tube to be the golden head cover

4. The sodium citrate erythrocyte sedimentation test tube has a black cap

5. Sodium citrate coagulation test tube is light blue cap

6. Heparin anticoagulation tube is green head cover

7. Plasma separation tube is light green cap

8. Potassium oxalate or sodium fluoride is gray head cover

9. EDTA anticoagulation tube is purple head cover

  If you have any medical device which need a good mold supplier,  no matter for the Blood collection tube injection mould or other medical device plastic molds. Asia Billion can help you all of them and we think that we can be your preferred partner with our technics and experience.   

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