Blood Analyzer Plastic Housing Mould

Blood Analyzer Plastic Housing Mould

This is a blood analyzer plastic housing mould making project for our Chinese and Israel jointed venture medical device customer which have plant in Shenzhen. Totally are 15 sets mold which include some silicone rubber molds too.if you want to find a good medical device injection tooling manufacture , please contact Asia Billion freely.

Product Details

The medical device industry is our Asia Billion main target all the time,  around 30% of our customers come from medical manufactures or R & D company.   this project is the blood analyzer plastic housing mould, we make the mold, get the first samples at 40 days after mold drawing confirm and then 30 more days for customer production assembly and testing, now the molds are shipped to our customer plant for mass production.

Production details:  


medical plastic mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:

ABS and PC

Cavity surface finish:

MATT finish

No of Cavities:

1 and 2

Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:

LKM   S136H

Type of gating:

sub gate and edge gate

Cavity Material:

LKM   S136H

Ejection system:

ejector pin & ejector lifter

Slider and lifter material:

S136 with hardening

Lead time for T1

40 days

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

500 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard  :

LKM Asia Standard


Product Characters:

1)     Medical device plastic injection tooling

2)      High requirements for the surface finishing and assembly tolerance

3)      low volume production which just 500 pcs per order but with high quality control standard

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) 50% cost saving from customer other existing supplier via our DFM and design optimization

2)  we finished the project within T2 samples

3)  DAP logistic delivery solution is available for us to our customer warehouse

4) After sales engineering support to help customer setting the machine and injection molding parameters for mass production. 90% of Chinese local makers don't have this service or capacity.


Asia Billion mould tooling plant overview:

                                 Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview

  Blood analyzer is also called blood cell analyzer, blood cell meter, blood cell counter, etc. It is one of the most widely used medical device in clinical testing in hospitals. With the rapid development of computer technology, the technology of blood cell analysis has also changed from three groups to five groups , From two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space, we also notice that many of the five classification technologies of modern hematology analyzers use the same technologies as today's very advanced flow cytometers, such as scattered light detection technology, sheath flow technology, laser Technology and so on.

Blood analyzer type:

1. According to the different methods of obtaining blood cell signals, the principles can be summarized into 5 types: photoelectric, capacitive, resistive, centrifugal and laser scattering.

2. According to the degree of automation: it can be divided into semi-automatic blood cell analyzer, automatic blood cell analyzer and blood cell analysis workstation, blood cell analysis pipeline;

3. According to the detection principle: it can be divided into capacitive type, electrical impedance type, laser type, photoelectric type, joint detection type, dry centrifugal layered type and non-invasive type;

4. The level of white blood cells classified according to the instrument: it can be divided into two groups, three groups, five groups, five groups + reticulated red blood cell analyzer.

Basic structure:

  Each type of blood cell analyzer has different structures. But most of them are composed of mechanical systems, electrical systems, blood cell detection systems, hemoglobin measurement systems, computers and keyboard control systems, etc. they are integrated in different forms.

a) Mechanical system:

  Although various types of blood cell analyzers have different structures, they all have mechanical devices (such as fully automatic injection needles, blood separators, diluters, mixers, quantitative devices, etc.) and vacuum pumps to complete sample aspiration and dilution , Transfer, mix, and move the sample into the detection zone of various parameters. In addition, the mechanical system also performs the function of cleaning pipes and removing waste liquid. Asia Billion are high experience for the blood analyzer plastic housing mould, no matter for the outer housing or inside mechanical plastic molding parts. we also have the capacity for the medical device metal machined parts manufacturing.

b) Electrical system:

  The main power supply, voltage components, temperature control device, automatic vacuum pump electronic control system and automatic monitoring, fault alarm and elimination of the instrument in the circuit.

c) Blood cell detection system:

  The commonly used blood cell analyzers in China can be divided into two categories: electrical impedance detection and light scattering detection.

d) Computer and keyboard control system

  Make the detection process faster and more convenient. And it is convenient to connect with modern medical testing, measurement and storage systems.

 Medical device industry is high technology one which always use the latest cutting edge technology to meet some critical functions.  Here Asia Billion have rich experience for the medical plastic injection tooling and molding manufacturing technology, we have the capacity to make some 0.2mm hole with minimum wall thickness up to 0.3mm too.   this blood analyzer plastic housing mould is just of one our successful medical device molding making projects each year, if you want to find a long time partner for your medical device plastic mold supplier, please contact us freely.

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