Washing Machine Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Washing Machine Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Asia Billion is a high quality home appliance plastic injection mold maker in China. this is big project for whole washing machine plastic shell injection mould and totally are 16 sets injection mold. the material is ABS , nylon and PE. please let us know freely if you need good quality and cost efficiency home appliance injection mould supplier.

Product Details

Asia Billion is a high quality plastic injection mold maker in China mainly with ISO 9001 quality certification for the export market. this project was a huge project for us at 2018 years from Indian. our customer is a world famous home appliance OEM company all over the world with turnover more than ten billion US dollars. It is whole washing machine plastic shell injection mould project for us, totally it has 16 set injection molds and some molds are very big size.


Production details:  


home appliance plastic injection mold

Core surface  finish:


Production     Material:

ABS, nylon and PE

Cavity surface finish:

high gloss

No of Cavities:

1 and 2 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner and hot runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate, direct gate and edge gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin , ejector sleeve and angel lifters

Slider and  lifter  material:


Lead time for T1

12 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

500 000


Product Characters:

1) large size home appliance injection mould, especially for the main body of the washer machine

2) Some parts are quite complex  which need the second sliders and second angle lifters for demoulding

3) High competition production which is cost sensitive for both of the mold and plastic shell

4) High quality for the assembly control 

5) Good performance for vibration testing with strong structure support


Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion specialize at the home appliance mold , especially for the high complex structure production and high precision dimension parts. we work with many world famous home appliance OEM companies.

2) Asia Billion is familar with the white goods and black goods and our engineers and mold makers have long time working experience for them.

3) Stable good quality , fast lead time, cost efficiency and excellent customer service 

4) we can do the simulation both for the mold flow and mold structures, it can help us to avoid some potential mistakes


Asia Billion Injection tooling plant view:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview              

  Asia Billion Plastic Injection tooling quality control:

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control


   After more than 20 years of development, China's washing machine industry has become a relatively mature industry. Compared with other home appliances, this industry is in a relatively stable and advantageous environment.

   While China's washing machine industry is developing, some problems are becoming increasingly apparent. In particular, the washing machine industry has poor standards, weak scientific research and development capabilities, poor market cultivation capabilities and serious safety and health problems, which have restricted the further development and quality of the industry.

   Therefore, Chinese washing machine companies must seize the new development situation, increase technological innovation, focus on water and energy saving, improve technical content, strengthen after-sales service level, create effective promotion strategies, and unify the planning of the national standards of the washing machine industry. In an invincible position under the new situation.

   Nowadays, the dual pressures of rising prices of steel, copper, aluminum, plastic resin raw materials and falling product prices  what we are facing challenges in the domestic washing machine market, and technological competition has gradually become an important force to promote market development. The sharp decline in the price of high-end drum washing machines is the main driving force behind the growth of the washing machine market. The improvement of environmental awareness such as water saving and energy saving is an important factor for consumers to upgrade washing machines and has become an important growth point.

Market expectation:

   The teachers of Chinese washing machine manufacturers are all multinational companies without exception. For example Ariston and Libohaile at that time, the technology and production line came to China with the settlement of the foreign master However, the foreign masters have lost most of them in the first round of washing machine market competition.

  The first is the lack of technical input for the Chinese market. Foreign brands are not short of technology, but lack of understanding of the Chinese market. The vast majority of foreign brands have production bases in China, but have not set up their R & D centers in China. Naturally, they will not actively launch products that are particularly suitable for the personalized needs of the Chinese people. The first factor Chinese consumers consider when buying a washing machine is price (30%), followed by popularity (23%) and quality (20%).

   The second reason is that the management model is not localized. This can be seen from the failure of Whirlpool and others. China is still a developing country, eager for advanced ideas, but it also has a digestive process. Since the beginning of 2003, foreign brands have once again exerted their strength. They have chosen a good opportunity to attack-domestic brands have been dragged down by years of price wars, blindly pursuing quantitative expansion, and facing the market's failure due to the concentration of product costs. The offensive methods of foreign brands have also become very Chinese, playing the price show skillfully.

   Price is just a means of entry, and there are other ways to maintain or expand market share over the long term. The methods currently adopted by foreign brands are to shorten the product life cycle and increase the value of single products and the profit of new products. They have changed the order in which products are put on the global market, and further shortened the time difference between Chinese and European and American markets. Since then, multinational companies have implemented“globalization + localization” R & D in a timely manner, which not only makes the products more suitable for the needs of local people, but also enables foreign brands to maintain their leading edge in technology. After Panasonic's R & D center moved to Hangzhou, the annual elimination rate of its products increased from 50% in the past to 90% in 2004, and it achieved simultaneous global listing.

   As of the time of this article's publication in 2019, we have a large number of high-quality washing machine domestic brands, such as Haier, Little Swan, Hisense, TCL, Midea, etc., they currently occupy China's domestic low-end and middle-end market, and high-end markets still mainly have overseas brands Control, such as Bosch Siemens and LG, etc.

  Asia Billion can develop you any custom plastic injection mold and molding housing with fast lead time , strong engineering support and cost competition solution. this washing machine plastic shell injection mould project will be an example that it come from India and we know Indian market is even more cost sensitive than China market. and Asia Billion successfully to win and finish the project very well for a whole washing machine.  Please let us know freely if you have any RFQ  or project what we can help you too.

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