Smart Home Device Plastic Injection Mold

Smart Home Device Plastic Injection Mold

this is a smart home device plastic injection mold manufacturing and plastic molding items for one of our smart home OEM customer in North America. totally are 3 sets mold. and the smart hone system device plastic housing will be one of our Asia Billion new main business directions in 2020 years and later time, if you want to find a good supplier for your small home device or system , please let us know freely.

Product Details

Smart home devices have great development in the recently years and many traditional home appliance change their business arrange and join the smart home appliance system. This project is for one of our North America customer which focus on the new generation smart home device and iot production development.   For this device ,it is small volume smart home device plastic injection mold, because our customer just want to test the design and marketing at first , we join all the 3 parts in one mold to save the mold investment for our customer. 


Production details:  


plastic mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

texture finishing

No of Cavities:


Injection System

cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

sub gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

ejector pin and ejector sleeve

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

3 weeks

Mold base steel:


Shot life:

100 000

Place of Origin


Mold standard :


Product Characters:

1) Small volume marketing testing project for new smart home device

2) Excellent biographic design with iot , wireless and cloud storage technology

3) Impression design with good visual effect and touching feeling

5)IP67 dustproof and waterproof testing pass

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  we have more than 5 years iot and smart home device plastic injection mold and molding production development

2) we under the smart home design and manufacturing concepts and can help customer to develop the mechanical part such as the plastic housing.

3) Cost efficient and excellent customer service, we never lose customer due to our customer service and production quality.

Asia Billion plastic injection tooling quality control:

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control

     Smart home system use the advanced computer technology, 4G and next-generation 5G network communication technology, intelligent cloud control, integrated wiring technology and medical electronic technology; it is according to the principles of ergonomics and fusion of individual needs, and integrate all the related various subsystems of home life such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, household appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, home care, health, epidemic prevention, and security, etc, and then let them through network by comprehensive intelligent control and management for better new home life experience.

   Smart homes are developing much faster than people thinking. The rapid development of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence has also supported the process of intelligentization of home appliances.According to reports, the overall scale of the smart home market is expected to reach 1.12 trillion CNY in 2020 years in China.

Generally, the development of smart home can be roughly divided into three stages:

1) Smart Home 1.0: Product-centric single product smart stage,

2) Smart Home 2.0: Scene-centric connected smart stage

3) Smart Home 3.0: User-centric smart home stage. 

   According to the current development trend of smart home devices, China's smart homes have now stepped out of the single product, and have begun to transition from the scene stage to the smart home integration for total system.

  The smart home industry has undergone years of development in technology, sales and business models. It has shown a compound growth in smart security, smart entertainment systems, indoor environment systems, kitchen and toilet home appliance systems, switch control systems and more. The security,  kitchen and toilet system has the fastest growth rate than others. In the future, we have reason to believe that companies with strong ecological capabilities supported by the underlying technology can best build their own core competitiveness. Asia Billion is a fast growing company for the smart home device plastic injection mold making and plastic molding item, we are one of the important supply chain to realize your mechanical manufacturing and production realization from drawing to final production.  we believe that we can have great opportunities to have fast growing with you too. 

   In the future smart home, each system will focus more on providing users with customized smart solutions, advocating providing users with a more convenient, comfortable, energy-saving and healthy lifestyle. Let we expect to have the descripted dream future as what we say in near future !!

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