Plastic Mould Manufacturers In China

Plastic Mould Manufacturers In China

This part is made by PP material. Mold tech MT1020 texture finishing for the outside surface, it is a flat surface and bis size mold up too 700 cm, very different to control the parting line flash especially for the injection point area . As a professional plastic mould manufacturers in china, we solved this problem with our customer engineering together and now it is run production very well in our customer side.

Product Details

 The Best Plastic mould manufacturers in china for you. This part is made by PP material.  Mold tech MT1020 texture finishing for the outside surface. This production is for Europe Market and used for cooling machine plastic top cover.

Mold details: 


Plastic Injection Mold

Core surface finish:


Production Material:


Cavity surface finish:

MT 11020 Texture

No of Cavities:

1x 2

Injection System

Hot Nozzle

Core Material:

2738 with heat treated

Type of gating:

Edge gate

Cavity Material:

2738 with heat treated

Ejector system:

Air push + ejector Pins

Slider material:

2343  with heat treated

Lead time for T1

42 days

Mold base:


Shot life:

300 000

Place of Origin



Plywood Box


Product Characters

1)     Air push with ejector pin together

2)     MT 11020 high requirement textures

3)    Very hard for the flash control due to they are a flat plate and PP material

4)     Complex lifter and slider for the hinge area.

   Please note that this information is just for reference and don’t copy or use to others purposely.

   Asia Billion are professional plastic mould manufacturers in China for many years, no matter what kindly of material or what kindly of design, we will only make what you dream.  If you have any project, please give me you 2d .3d drawings, tooling specifications and some other what you want, we will give our best price for you.

ABIL Plastic Injection Mould Making Process:

ABIL Plastic Injection Mould Making Process

ABIL Mold engineering and project capacity

Our Tooling Shop Overview:

Our Tooling Shop Overview

Our Certifications and Quality Control:

Our Certifications and Quality Control

Packing and Logistic:

Packing and Logistic

The same quality Asia Billion have lower price and much better service .  The same price we have higher quality and much better service  .  The same Price and same quality we have better service and better project management response. Welcome to shopping our production freely .

ABIL Plastic Injection Mold Order Process:

1.Send us the drawing with specifications for the quality, mould life and others requirments.

2. Get a quote from us with Moluld costs and basis information and part prices.

3..Negotiation of the quality, price, material, delivery time, payment term and others  

4.Confirm and Place an order with first down payment as deposite.

5. We will analysis with your products and provide a DFM to you for making sure is good to make mold and production

6. Send mold design for customer approval before making mold   

7.Order materials and begin to machining, update the manufacturing process information per week to customer with pictures.

8. Assemble the mold and Try out for the First samples.

9.self- inspecting and send the samples with our inspection report to customer for confirmation  

7.If the first sample comes out and satisfied, the mold finished. If not satisfied, we will modify until meeting customer's requirements.  

8.Delivery of goods by sea or by air according customer's requirement

Asia Billion always aim to be the best Plastic Mould Manufacturers In China for our global market , if you have any plastic mould tooling project, please contact us freely. 

Asia Billion Innovational Technology Ltd

Phone: 0086-134 8063 8827

 WeChat ID:8613480638827

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