Induction Cooker Plastic Mould

Induction Cooker Plastic Mould

this project is the induction cooker plastic mould, one front panel and one back cover. the front panel are made by PC and back cover are made by engineering PP material. Asia Billion would like to cooperate with you for tooling and molding project.

Product Details

Home appliance plastic mould  & induction cooker plastic mould for you in China.  Asia Billion can help you to develop difference home appliance molds and plastic parts. we are ISO 9001 certified and it would let us produce all of our production in stable quality and competitive price , especially for high volume mass production molding production.

Production details:  


home appliance plastic injection mold

Core surface finish:

sand paper polishing

Production Material:

PC  & PP + mineral

Cavity surface finish:

high Polishing for front panel and Matt finishing for back cover

No of Cavities:

2 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

edge gate and direct gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin; ejector sleeve

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Place of origin:

Shenzhen, China

Shot life:

300 000

Product Characters:

1) home appliance production for the induction cooker housing

2) high competition production which need to optimize the design to lowest price as more as possible to win the market

3) All the material need to be strong and can't burning

4) UV resistance and high grade fireproof plastic

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

Asia billion has strong experience for low cost solution and production optimization, so we can help you saving your tooling and production cost, no matter for which type of project or for any industry.  we can be you strong support and backup.

Asia Billion company viewing:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview


 What is induction cooker ?

  The first  induction cooker was born in Germany in 1957. In 1972, the United States began to produce induction cookers. In the early 1980s, induction cookers began to sell well in Europe, America and Japan.

   The principle of the induction cooker is the electromagnetic induction phenomenon, the alternating current is generated by the alternating current through the coil, and the eddy current will appear inside the conductor in the alternating magnetic field. This is the eddy electric field pushing the current carrying in the conductor. The movement of the electrons (the electrons in the pot are not iron atoms); the Joule heating effect of the vortex current heats the conductor and thus heats up.

  The induction cooker is a product of the modern kitchen revolution. It does not require open flame or conductive heating and allows heat to be generated directly at the bottom of the pot, so the thermal efficiency has been greatly improved. It is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving kitchen device, which is completely different from all traditional kitchen appliances with or without fire conduction heating. The induction cooker is an electric cooking appliance made by the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. It is composed of high-frequency induction heating coil, high-frequency power conversion device, controller and ferromagnetic material pot bottom cookware.

  The induction cooker is mainly composed of two parts: one is an electronic circuit system that can generate high-frequency alternating magnetic fields (including the coil plate of the induction cooker); the second is a structural shell used to fix the electronic circuit system and carry the cookware structural shells include ceramic or glass furnace panels and plastic upper and lower covers. It is high volume consumer production and many induction cooker OEM companies ask their suppliers to build Induction Cooker Plastic Mould and molding plant near them for easily transportation and supply chain control.


1. Fast heating speed-the electromagnetic oven can make the temperature of the bottom of the pot rise to more than 300 degrees in 15 seconds. The speed is much faster than the oil stove and gas stove, which greatly saves the cooking time and improves the speed of the dishes.

2. Energy-saving and environmental protection-There is no open flame in the induction cooker, the pot body heats itself, reducing the heat transfer loss, so its thermal efficiency can reach 80% to 92%, and there is no exhaust gas emission and noise, which greatly improves the kitchen environment.

3. Multi-functionality-all kinds of induction cookers "fry, steam, boil, stew and rinse". The new family of three generally uses an induction cooker, which basically replaces the gas stove, and the pipeline gas mainly uses a shower.

4. Easy to clean-The induction cooker has no fuel residue and exhaust gas pollution, so the pots and stoves are very easy to clean, which is unthinkable in other stoves.

5. High safety-the induction cooker will not be easy to leak or open flame like gas, and the safety is obviously better than other stoves. In particular, it has multiple safety protection measures, including tilted power failure, overtime power failure, dry burn alarm, over current, over pressure, under pressure protection, automatic shutdown when improper use, etc., even if the soup overflows sometimes, There is no danger of the gas stove turning off and running, so it is safe to use.

6. Convenient to use-The button instructions of the civilian induction cooker are very user-friendly. The elderly and children will see it at a glance, and the furnace body is only a few pounds. It is no problem to take it anywhere, as long as it has power .

7. Affordable—Induction cookers are large consumers of electricity, but due to rapid heating and relatively low electricity prices, the cost is cheaper than gas and natural gas.

8. Reduce investment-Commercial induction cookers require much less kitchen space than traditional stoves. Because there is no combustion exhaust gas, some investment in exhaust devices is reduced, and the construction and supporting costs of gas pipelines are eliminated.

9. Precise temperature control-The induction cooker can accurately control the cooking temperature, which not only saves energy but also ensures the deliciousness of the food, and it is important to promote the promotion of Chinese food dish production standards.

10. Compared with the single function of the induction cooker and the microwave oven, steaming, boiling, frying, frying, and fried samples are all-round. You can also use the hot pot and commercial hot pot for the writer. The fire power can be adjusted at will and it can be automatically insulated.


1. The temperature rise is particularly fast, and preparations should be made before the furnace is opened, otherwise, dry burning of the empty pot is prone to occur, shortening the service life of the cookware and induction cooker;

2. The probability of failure of the induction cooker is higher than that of traditional stoves, and it is more troublesome to repair

3. The power of the induction cooker is closely related to the cookware, so the requirements for the cookware are higher and the versatility of the cooker is poor;

4. When the induction cooker is working, the temperature of the bottom of the pot and the body of the pot are quite different. When cooking, if the bottom of the pot is not turned in time, it is easy to burn;

5. Ordinary civilian induction cookers are usually flat plates, which require the use of pans, while shallow bottom pans are not as convenient as traditional cooking.

6. The power and temperature displayed on the induction cooker panel are set in advance by the program, and there will be a big difference from the actual power and temperature;

7. There is no open flame in the induction cooker, and it is difficult for the average person to intuitively grasp the fire. It takes a long time for professional chefs to adapt from open flame to the induction cooker.

8. Since the magnetic field generated by the induction cooker cannot be absorbed by the pot 100%, part of the magnetic field leaks from the periphery of the pot to form electromagnetic radiation.

   If you need to find a good induction cooker plastic mould supplier or any other home appliance device  plastic injection mold maker , Asia Billion will be a good choice for you. please let us know freely , if you have any RFQ.

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