Food Blender Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Food Blender Plastic Shell Injection Mould

Asia Billion is a high quality home appliance plastic injection mold maker in China. we can help you to develop the difference household devices such as food blender plastic shell injection mould, injection mold for soybean milk machine,ice cream machine, cooking machine, food grinder machine and others.Asia Billion are glad to know you and we are ready to build a long time partnership with your company too.

Product Details

Home appliance  devices always help people create the better life and important for us. this project is the food blender plastic shell injection mould making and mass production plastic molding housing for our German customer which have plant in China for production final assembly and testing. Asia Billion just make the container, container lid and the grinder cutter over molding part. when we finished the mass plastic shell production , we will send to customer;s China local production warehouse for mass production with VMI ( vendor material inventory ) logistic solution and in time delivery. 


Production details:  


home appliance plastic injection mold

Core surface  finish:

high gloss

Production     Material:


Cavity surface finish:

high gloss

No of Cavities:

 2 cavities

Injection System

Cold  runner

Core Material:

ASSAB S136 with heat treatment

Type of gating:

pin point gate

Cavity Material:

ASSAB S136 with heat treatment

Ejection system:

Ejector pin & ejector stripper plate

Slider and  lifter  material:

ASSAB 136 with heat treatment

Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Brand name:

Asia Billion

Shot life:

1 000 000


Product Characters:

1) High quality home appliance plastic injection mold for food blender

2) All the material and finish production which need to certified to food grade and food contactable

3) The big half to half slider which is needed for the container mold

4) Strong design which can hold the shock and grinding when working


Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1) Asia Billion is the expert for food blender plastic shell injection mould and other home appliance plastic housing mold . we work with many world famous home appliance OEM companies.

2) Stable good quality , fast lead time, cost efficiency and excellent customer service 



  Asia Billion Plastic Injection tooling quality control:

Plastic Injection Tooling Quality Control

  The food blender machine integrates the functions of the juicer, the soybean milk machine, the ice cream machine, the grinder and other products. It fully achieves the multi-function function of a machine which can instantly break the food cell wall and release plant biochemicals.

 Because of the ultra-high speed (over 22000 rpm), it can instantly break the cell walls of vegetables and fruits, effectively extract plant biochemicals, and thus obtain the reputation of the food blender machine. It is the first choice for modern home health care and health home appliances. The latest generation juice machine is a multi-function broken cooking machine that integrates heating and mixing. It can not only make vegetable juices and smoothies, but also heat to make soy milk, fish soup, medicinal soup, porridge and so on.

Product structure:

   The food blender machine is composed of a host, a container body and matching accessories. The design method of separating the container body and the host is adopted.

The host includes high-speed series motor, transmission device, safety switch assembly, motor mounting bracket, control button, appearance shell and heat dissipation system.

The main body is composed of a transmission device, a cutter base, a container body, a container lid and a seal.

   The motor is a high-speed series-excited motor, which is equipped with a dual-protection thermostat for electricity and temperature. The actual working speed is between 16000 ~ 30000 rpm. The output end has a drive installation structure and the other end of the motor shaft has a cooling fan.The motor actuator is made by zinc alloy, the actuator and the motor shaft are closely matched, and the actuator is provided with a soft material for noise reduction and shock absorption.

   The safety switch assembly is provided with a micro switch, and the micro switch is triggered by the touch lever of the container body to make the machine work. The product does not work when the host is not placed in the cup which can protects the user.

   The heat dissipation system is composed of an air inlet and an air outlet. The air inlet of the food blender machine is provided on both sides of the machine, and the air outlet is at the rear of the machine. The space needs to be effectively separated to prevent the hot air  which let the air outlet back into the air inlet again, this reducing the service life of the motor.

   Common materials for the container body are 304 stainless steel, high borosilicate glass, TRITAN plastic and PC plastic. our our project we use the food grade PC material. 

  Asia Billion is the high quality home appliance plastic injection mold maker for global market. this food blender plastic shell injection mould project can show you some of our capacity for you.  please let us know freely if we can do something for you too.

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