Electric Fan Plastic Injection Mold

Electric Fan Plastic Injection Mold

This project come from our China local customer, a world famous small home appliance OEM manufacture in the world. there are 7 sets electric fan plastic injection mold for this equipment . the black parts are assembled like the automotive air conditioner outlet, you can turn it at some directions freely. Asia Billion also want to be your long time plastic molding supplier, if we meet here and have the opportunity.

Product Details

This is a new design electric fan which can works similar as an air conditioner and electric heaters.  the project come from our China local great famous brand and we make the electric fan plastic injection mold for them and transfer the 7 sets mold to their molding plant in Zhongshan city of China for mass production. you can use both functions for cooling and heating in different time.

Production details:  


home appliance plastic injection mold

Core surface finish:

sand paper polishing

Production Material:

ABS and nylon

Cavity surface finish:

Matt finishing

No of Cavities:

2 , 4 and  8 cavities

Injection System

Cold runner

Core Material:


Type of gating:

edge gate and direct gate

Cavity Material:


Ejection system:

Ejector pin; ejector sleeve

Slider and lifter material:


Lead time for T1

5 weeks

Place of origin:

Shenzhen, China

Shot life:

300 000

Product Characters:

1) Innovative home appliance production for electric fan, it is very difference with the normal fan what you meet

2) you can put the water and ace inside the fan and make much cooling air in the hot summer time; and you also can use it in the cold winter for heating and let you become warm as there are heater inside with the switch for function choosing

3) Multifunctional production for cold air in summer and electric warming fan in the winter

Asia Billion Advantages for this project:

1)  We are ISO 9001 quality certified and can provide all the electric fan plastic injection mold making relative documents , such the material certification, quality control report and molding parameters report.

2) We are in South China of Shenzhen , the electronic device valley in the world and we have the higher level for mold making capacity both of the innovational ideals and new technology. 

3) We can help you to realize the integrated ideals and production. we join the cooling and heating functions in the same machine for different requirements in the different time.

Asia Billion company viewing:

Asia Billion Injection mould tooling plant overview


Introduction of electric cooling fans and electric warming fans

  The electric fan is a household appliance that uses a motor to drive the fan blades to accelerate the circulation of air. It is mainly used to cool the heat and circulate the air. Widely used in homes,classrooms, offices, shops, hospitals and hotels.

   The fan is mainly composed of components such as fan head, blade, net cover and control device. The fan head includes a motor, front and rear end covers, and a shaking head air supply mechanism. The main components of the electric fan are: AC motor. Its working principle is: the energized coil is forced to rotate in the magnetic field. Electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, and due to the resistance of the coil, it is inevitable that part of the electrical energy will be converted into thermal energy. The common household electric fan is essentially an axial fan,  the flow direction of the wind is parallel to the rotation axis of the fan blade.

   Electric heating fan is also called as electric warming fan. It is a household heating appliance that radiates electric heat into the space. It is used in cold seasons and environments such as winter, and has become a necessary household appliance for modern people. The heat source of the electric fan adopts advanced high-quality heating element, which heats up quickly, the heat is concentrated and the light is soft and comfortable. Electric fan is also called heater. It is based on the characteristics of advanced products at home and abroad. It is carefully designed and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, low power consumption, high thermal efficiency, fast thermal induction and concentrated heat. Easy to use, safe and energy-saving, it is an ideal heating tool for homes, offices and other places. The electric fan is safe and comfortable. Say goodbye to the fire-roasting era. With it, it is equivalent to having a small air conditioner.

The characteristics of electric warming fan:

1. High efficiency of electric fan characteristics

  The electric fan adopts high-quality heating elements, and has a reflective foil surface inside the electric fan, which can quickly concentrate the light and heat emitted by the heating element. When the heat is concentrated to a certain degree, the cooling fan starts to work, collecting the heat collected by the reflective surface of the foil And the light is quickly transmitted to the outside world. This scientifically advanced energy supply method maximizes the conversion of energy.

2. Heat concentration of electric fan characteristics

  The working principle of the electric fan is somewhat similar to the reflection of light. The special foil reflection surface quickly concentrates the light and heat generated by the resistance element. The concentrated light and heat are quickly discharged to the outside by the electric fan, and the outside can quickly feel the heat. Existing, from this point of view, the electric fan is better than the traditional electric heater, and its heat generating performance overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional electric fan, which is low in efficiency and large in heat dissipation.

3. The characteristics of electric fan for comfortable heating

  The most special thing about the electric fan is that its heat is completely discharged by the fan. It is more targeted than the four-sided emission of the traditional heater. Its heating effect is immediate, allowing users to experience technology immediately For the comfort and enjoyment brought by it, the fan speed of the electric fan and the power of the heating element can be adjusted to fully achieve heating on demand.

  Before this fan , all the electric cooling fans and heating fans are separated , but now we develop the new one with our customer R & D team and join them together, it is a very innovative design and great  development for the electric fans. if you need rich experience electric fan plastic injection mold supplier, Asia Billion will be a strong partner for you. Please let us know freely for your any RFQ.

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